Chapter 3: Beethoven

He raised the piano lid, resting his fingertips lightly on the keys. He’d played this instrument a lot early in their marriage, learning ballads and love songs to serenade his young wife with as she lounged on the couch with dreams in her eyes and their precious son growing in her belly. Now, all he wanted to play was…

“The Funeral March?” A quiet voice said, just behind him.

A couple clinging together by the skin of their fingernails: he, unable to take much more, and she, determined to keep up appearances.

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    • I had to look that up (as a ‘playable’ thing), so no I don’t. I found a card game in my search; was that what you meant?

      I’ve been fascinated by the real life story of Fulcanelli the alchemist for a long time, so it was an apt surname to choose for Valois. He could just as easily have been Valois Flamel (it’s more French-sounding, after all) but I already had that surname associated with a legacy family I’ve been playing for some time, so Fulcanelli he became :)

  1. O_O Valois is so mysterious! It makes me wonder what is going on, LOL, why Gunther was in different clothes, and whether Valois has some power or if he was just saying that the party was over and everything was fine. I loved the tension between them in this chapter, and Gunther’s skin and eyes… so perfect. LOL.

    • *grins*

      There are a few clues to Valois in his introductory chapter, but yes – all is not as it seems with Monsieur Fulcanelli. Who knows whether the party really did end, or whether Gunther is actually going mad? ;)

  2. What just happened? I’m with LateKnight, does Valois have some kind of power and how did Gunther’s clothes change. . .So mysterious!

    • Have a re-read of Valois’s first chapter. I left a couple of clues, both in the text and in the images. But you’re right: Valois isn’t quite what one would deem a normal human being ;)

  3. Oooooh what a chapter! I feel for Gunther… and am anxious to see what happens with Valois. Interesting gift that he gave him, with the comfortable clothes and getting rid of the party. I was so entranced by this chapter. You are very talented with story-telling and picture taking~

    • I feel for him, too. Valois has a lot to show Gunther, and the clothes and vanishing party aren’t even the tiniest bit of it ;)

      And thank you so much. I haven’t really written anything much in quite a while (and I always said I was born to write, so you can imagine how that felt). I’m glad to be back in the saddle with this :)

  4. I was thinking he must be a vampire from the Prologue, but Vampires don’t really change outfits do they? lol. Maybe he’s a special Vamp. I’m kinda of surprise Gunther is so eager to listen to Valois, with him being a complete stranger and all.

    • Well, I suppose a sartorial vampire might change his outfits! XD

      Hrm. Well all that I’ll say as to what Valois is, is that he’s not quite human. You won’t find out until Chapter 12 exactly what he is (that one’s yet-to-be-published; currently the latest chapter online is #10) but he does have some very impressive skills, and that miiiiight have something to do with why Gunther is so eager ;)

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