Chapter 7: Capitulation

“Hush.” Oh, there was that damned word again. “I’ll be the judge of what I find beautiful, thank you very much. And you were beautiful, riding that edge of fear and shame. God, you were lovely.”

“Are you trying to make sure I can’t get my head through the door?” It was a lame joke, but it was all Gunther had to try and defuse the moment, because he was pretty sure that the point of all this praise was to make him feel vulnerable inside again.

It was working.

He’s lost. Half-afraid and half-hoping, he’s beginning to trust again, but is he sliding into something he can’t control?

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  1. Man that was intense. Although, i don’t know what question Gunther was asking er didn’t ask really. Can’t wait to read more! Also, for reality’s sake I can’t help but wonder whether he’ll be bleeding or in pain later. Pretty sure they used no lubrication and it is in itself a difficult process.

    • All I will say about the possibility of pain/bleeding is this: Just remember that all is not quite as it seems when it comes to Valois. You’ll get more of an explanation from the man himself in the next chapter, but (as always with M. Fulcanelli!) it will be vaguely-worded and you’ll have to read between the lines to understand it *g*

      As to Gunther’s question, did you mean the one where he asked, “Couldn’t you just…?” and twirled his fingers around in a circle? He was asking Valois if he could get off him and turn over, so that Gunther could fuck him rather than him fucking Gunther :)

        • Hehe, he couldn’t quite bring himself to say the words, “…come inside me?” (And yes, this infers unprotected sex, but – as I said earlier – all is not as it seems *g*)

    • *grins* He’s enjoying teasing out his secrets, that boy, but then if he gave it all away at once there wouldn’t be much of a story! The final reveal won’t come until the penultimate chapter (already plotted out, but a looong way off yet).

  2. This story truly is like unlike anything i’ve ever read. Its beautiful and almost poetic and it makes me want to read more and more of those lovely words of yours. Keep doing what your doing! Your an awesome writer.

    • I’m blushing right up to the roots of my hair over here! XD Thank you so much for the lovely feedback :)

  3. This story is amazing. honestly i bet you could become a published writer if you wanted to!
    I truly cannot wait to read more. in fact there was a voice screaming in my head that made me want to comment the words “More! More! More!”

    • Thank you so much! (I feel like I’m running out of ways to say that, but it’s heartfelt, truly!)

      There will be lots more, since I’ve now got the game back up and running after the weekend’s panic of it refusing to load. I’ve lost three precious days of writing, but I got a fair bit of plotting done, and I finally know how it’s going to end. That will be waaaay down the line, but it’s always good to have an end point to work toward and aim for :)

  4. Oh my God. I’m sure you get this a lot – but you are a master at this.

    I read straight through from the warning to here in one shot, and I have to stop. I’m far to engrossed right now… I feel just as entranced as if I were really looking into Valois’ eyes myself…

    So, I’m going to go take a break. Maybe take a nap. And try to feel normal again before I get after this again… Sheesh

    • Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Blushing like a mad thing over here XD

      Buckle your seatbelt firmly. It’s only going to get even more crazy from hereon in – hehe! Seriously, thank you for the lovely feedback. You just made my morning :)

  5. MMmmm… this chapter was fabulous! :) *fans self*
    It’s so sweet that Valois was treating Gunther so well, despite his rough talk, he really did let Gunther do the ‘hard’ part himself. I’m glad they got together, but there’s still that thing in the back of my mind about Valois’ illusion thing, and if whether next time Gunther sees Valois, he’s going to have to go through the whole “who are you” problem again.

    • *evil cackle*

      Mmmhm. Definitely keep that whole illusion thing in mind, all the time you’re reading. Nothing is ever quite as it seems with Valois. And hehe, there’s more fabulousness of that kind coming up. Oh much, much more ;)

      Incidentally, thank you for the wonderful barrage of comments! You made my day when I loaded this page and saw them all :)

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