BTS: Story Progress Report 6

Or, rather, story UN-Progress Report. Oh dear. The header image is one of Cal looking after poor Ten, the morning after Ten got horribly, horribly drunk. He’s now feeling rather miserable, and boy, do I know how he feels…

I tried to load my game on Friday, and it got completely stuck at the black screen before the Maxis logo. I run the game through Steam, so I exited Steam, rebooted my PC, cleared cache, emptied out all but the ccmerged package from DCBackup; all those things we usually do when our game starts playing up. No dice. It just sat there, on an interminable black screen.

So I did the only thing I could think of: I copied all my Mods > Packages files into a backup folder and removed them all, except for the three essential NRAAS ones: Master Controller, Overwatch, and ErrorTrap. Tried to start the game again, and bingo. Straight in and running smoothly.

So, somewhere in my Mods folder I either had something dodgy or I simply had too many uncombined packages. I’ve been diligent about using S3PE (not on my mods, though) but I’d let several items of CC creep in and not be combined, so something had tripped my game into, “Nuh-uh, not gonna load” mode.

This has left me at the point where I’m looking at the metric fuckton of CC that I already have installed and thinking, “You know what? I really should have organised this a bit better. Okay, a lot better.” And now I want to remove everything and just put back what I need.

And that is one helluva task. The packages are fine, as I kept backups of all my un-merged packages. The Sims3pack stuff I also have saved in a backup folder; every last item of it. So I could uninstall everything via the launcher and just put back what I want there, too.

Thing is… I have no idea how many of my game save files will be broken if I forget to reinstall (or simply overlook) CC that I’ve used. It’s not just homes; it’s Sims and everything they’re wearing, as well.

*sigh* So anyway, this update is more of a non-update. I don’t have any pretty pictures to show you as, although I’m still four chapters ahead, I don’t want to spoil you too much for what’s to come and I’ve not been able to take any new screenshots this weekend.

So, instead, I’m going to show you something I was working on before the game went tits-up: Gunther’s office at DP Corporate. I set to work building this for an upcoming scene (lots of CC used, of course – GAH!) and it includes Gunther’s office (complete with boardroom area), a smaller office for his secretary, and a private bedroom and bathroom for him to use when he works late.

UPDATE #1: I’m now in the final process of checking and re-packaging my Mods > Packages. I had some conflicting files in there, plus lots of uncombined stuff, so hopefully that was all the issue boiled down to. I’ll get around to sorting all of my Sims3packs at a later date.

UPDATE #2: Well, it’s taken me all weekend, but the game is up and running again. I’ve checked all the Goths and Valois, and they’re all fine. I’ve not had time to make sure that Cal and Ten are okay, but it looks as if most of the CC they’re wearing is back in my game.

So, here’s your confusion for this week’s post! Happy families ;)

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    • Thank you! It’s changed a bit since I originally built it, and it’s one of those builds that I’m continually tweaking (the castle for the medieval Gunther/Valois arc that I’ve been writing on Tumblr is the other main one) but the basis of it remains the same as this original :)

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