Chapter 8: Once

Oh, my friend, your jaw still drops when I can pull your thoughts from your head? Have I been too subtle in telling my tale to you thus far? There is a great deal of me yet to be explained, and I had thought to entertain you by teasing it out, yet I have given you certain clues already that should surely have made you wonder exactly what powers I can call upon.

His world is upside-down, and he’s learning to love it. New faces, new feelings, new friends, but if he settles for too long everything will upend again…

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  1. He didn’t answer ANY of those questions! So vague. I saw something on your tumblr that may suggest Gunther will leave with him, but i’m not completely sure. Also, how many chapters will there be in all?

    • “My friend, I merely enjoy revealing my secrets slowly.”

      (Oh hush up, Valois, you teasing little scarlet-topped brat!)

      He did answer your question about the possibility of pain and/or bleeding, though. Uh, sorta. (I did warn you he was vague!) And I don’t think it will be too much of a spoiler to say that Gunther will leave, but judging by his shock at the photograph, Valois managed to lose him somewhere. *tsk!* Careless!

      As to chapter count, I have no idea. I’m literally winging this one, but I can promise there will be many more. I have the rough map of what I want to have happen planned out in my head, and I have to take this at least 20 years into the future by the time we’re done. So yes, plenty more chapters yet, but I can’t give an accurate – or even a rough – count. (I will, though, guarantee a happy ending. It’ll be tinged with a little bit of regret, because life isn’t all rainbows and puppydogs, especially in my stories, but it will all come right in the end.)

  2. Well, still no answers again grrr yet again. I think I’m more confused.
    A great story from the beginning :)

    • Thank you! I share in your grrr-ing. Valois can be frustrating and deliberately vague, but you will get a big clue by the time we reach Chapter 13 (the kind of clue that slaps you around the face, so it’s pretty unmissable). It’s not going to reveal all of Valois’s secrets, but if you haven’t guessed already what he is then it’s stated upfront in that chapter. There will be another clue to look out for in Chapter 11, and there was also one in the very first chapter (look at the images). Even then, that’s not all of it, because his backstory is pretty immense, and the final reveal won’t be until either the penultimate or very last chapter (which may need to be split into two, anyway). That’s going to be a fair way off yet, though ;)

  3. I love the mystery you’re keeping up with Valois’ story. I liked the first part, when it seemed he was talking to me as if I was in the room with him. It makes me want to read more so I can find out more things that are revealed. However, I was satisfied with the revelation of why his ring is so special to him, it contains someone rather near and dear to his heart. It’s sad that the person is a ghost, but sort of comforting too that the person is always with Valois in his ring.

    Ten is adorable, LOL, I loved all of his drunken slurs, when he kept hitting on Valois and Gunther it was hilarious. I can imagine Gunther being a little uncomfortable walking around naked when there were strangers around. Cal is so sweet, taking care of Ten all the time. :D

    • Thank you! Yes, you’ll continue to learn Valois’s story in dribs and drabs as we go through chapters. The direct interview technique was one that I’ve used in the past, especially when the vast majority of the story is set in the point of view of one other person. Direct interview lets you get inside the head of a secondary character, and in this case we’re being treated to confessions and things that poor Gunther isn’t even aware of. (But, be aware yourself that Valois is an inveterate liar, so you might not be getting the whole truth from him, even in the interviews!)

      The ring is very important to Valois, yes. When we get to the end of the story (waaaay down the line) it’ll be a pivotal plot point, too.

      Oh god, Ten is hilarious. One of my favourite characters to write; he’s an absolute hoot! Sadly, he’s not in the story very much, but I’ve taken the rockstar version of Valois out into his own separate arc on Tumblr, so I can bring Ten and Cal back for that.

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