Chapter 10: Surrender

“I ask but four things of you,” he said, close to Gunther’s ear. “And, if you will give them, then I will give you something in return that you could not dream even existed.”

I can’t lose him. I can’t! I’ll have to go away if he leaves. I can’t stay here with her.

“What are the four things?” Gunther whispered, ready to promise the earth if needs be.

He loves one man, but which version of him is real? Are any of them real? Is he actually going crazy?

Trigger warnings for this chapter:
Gaslighting and a character in strong emotional distress.

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4 responses

  1. I look forward to this every week. I really like how much pain Gunther is in. Can’t wait to read the next chapter (really looking forward to chapter 13). Also, get well soon! Please don’t disintegrate :P

    • Poor Gunther! The things we enjoy seeing him be put through, eh? (Oh, who am I kidding; I love it – heh!)

      Thank you for the well-wishes. I’m feeling quite a bit better today, and I have a long weekend ahead of me, so that should help a lot :)

  2. So this is Gunther experiencing what it’s like when Valois is a bit peeved at him, eh? LOL. I don’t think Valois was jealous of Cornelia considering he knows Gunther doesn’t feel deeply for her even though she’s his wife. I do think maybe Valois was annoyed at Gunther’s submission to anyone that isn’t him, though. I hope Gunther doesn’t regret his promises to Valois, I think Gunther does want to love Valois and Valois makes him feel things he wants, but I feel like he wasn’t entirely ready to go there yet since he’s so confused by Valois.

    • Valois is incredibly possessive over Gunther, so yes he doesn’t like the thought of anyone else dominating Gunther in any way. He’s not jealous of Cornelia at all; he simply views her as a distraction that needs to just GTFO ;)

      Gunther’s confusion is something that Valois has actually planned. He’s being very calculating here. Gunther wants to love him, yes, but he’s bewildered and panicking. In that state he’s agreeing to anything, simply because the alternative of going back to his old unhappy life with Cornelia is still the worst of the two options he has.

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