Admin: Problems with the blog

There are problems with the blog right now, I know. This is because the server I’m hosted on was moved due to hardware failure, and something got horribly borked in the move. My web-provider is trying to get it fixed, but in the meantime the blog is going to look absolutely horrendous until such time as it’s sorted out.

I tried changing the layout, in the hope that it was simply the original customised layout that was at fault, but it’s still loading as if it has no CSS file, so when it does  all go back to normal, please be aware that the blog won’t look like it did. Once I can see it properly again, I’ll take it back to the original red and black theme, but that looks as if it may take some time.

As a result of these server issues, there will be no story update this week. Sorry about that :(

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