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After five days of downtime, the problem with the blog has finally been sorted out. There was a small oversight on the part of my web-provider, which they fixed promptly once they’d completed the server move and I’d told them I was still having problems with the blog’s display.

In the end, the ‘no CSS’ look of the blog was tracked down to a single little tickybox in the caching plugin that I use. As soon as I unchecked that, saved changes, and reloaded the page: voila! The blog was back! (It boiled down to something approximating this: while the blog was down due to the server move, the caching plugin had cached the ‘bad’ version, and it had also minified that ‘bad’ CSS file. Everything else went back to normal once the server move was complete, but that minified CSS file was the whole problem.)

So, in short, we’re back up and running, and you’ll have Chapter 11 on Friday. One week late, but better late than never!

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