Hollow House: Ziggy

Just to tide you over until Friday’s new chapter of The Madness of Mr Goth, here’s an update from Hollow House :)

There’s another new member of the household, much to Ten’s disbelief. So much for his rockstar lifestyle!

In the early hours of the morning, Curt got up to investigate sounds outside the front door…

“Hey, little fella,” he murmured as the dog looked up at him and he saw that it had no collar. “No home to go to? That sucks.”

A spindly tail thwumped its greeting on the porch floor and that decided him.

“Y’know, I was like you. No place to go, either. My dad’s nice, though. He’ll let you stay, I’m sure of it.”

“He’ll let who stay?” A voice came from the doorway, and Curt picked up the dog, turning to face Cal.

“Come in here. It’s fucking freezing outside,” Cal said kindly, eyeballing the dog. “Who’s this?”

“I found him asleep on the porch.” Curt bit his lip. “He’s homeless, like I was. Can we keep him?”

Cal watched the boy – the son he’d only recently found out he’d even had – petting the dog. They really didn’t have room for a pet. And who would look after it when they went on tour?

“Please? Please, Dad?”

“Oh god.” Ten wandered into the room from the kitchen. “Another stray?” He rubbed a hand over his eyes, then glanced at Cal. One look told him everything: they’d just acquired a new household member, whether they had room for it or not. “You,” he poked Cal in the ribs, “are gonna clean up when it shits all over the floor.”

And then that little mutt wormed his way into my heart, so I made a Ziggy Appreciation Post over on Tumblr…

Growling at the postie. “No throwing my master’s bills on the ground!”

Bringing home some little friends. Oops.

Seriously not impressed with this ‘bath’ malarkey.

Guarding the house. It’s srs bsns.

Oh gawd, Ziggy. Now I ded from cute.

And then… there was this. *snort*

Cal, teaching Ziggy how to hunt.
Ziggy: *sausage?*
This will not end well XD

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    • I don’t think Curt has a choice but to be chill with it. You’ll part Cal – and especially Ten – from their nakedness with extreme difficulty!

      And yep, Ziggy. Named after you-know-who. Adorable little pup!

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