Chapter 11: Negotiation

Mist swirled around his feet, scattering like playful puppies as he walked; the most purposeful stride on these streets on this night. Doors were locked, windows were shuttered, and not a soul was to be seen.

Valois Fulcanelli walked alone to Death’s door.

A negotiation for a life, but whose is it?

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  1. That was intense. I love how you portrayed death. And the way that they spoke was chilling. I cannot wait to find out what Gunther thinks, an what he would have to sacrifice to be ignored by death.

    • Thank you! I was originally only going to have one Death, but finding a family of three on the Exchange gave me the idea to have more of them: sort of akin to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In my head, there are actually four: one for each compass point, but one of them is out on duty.

      Hrm. What makes you think that Gunther even knows about all this? ;)

  2. Gasp?! He’s giving his gift to Gunther isn’t he?! I think his gift is immortality. And I think Gunther may have to give up his family since his kids grow up without him I think. Just my guess. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • He is indeed, but I shall remain customarily tight-lipped on the rest and just say, “Mmmmm, you’re close…” ;)

    • Nope, he can’t be killed and he can’t kill himself. He must endure until the world ends. No wonder he’s lonely!

      And hrm. A sacrifice for something that important would have to be something very precious to Gunther indeed… ;)

      Next chapter will be next Friday, but it’ll be a while before you find out what the sacrifice is – hehe!

      • I can’t wait!

        I did an update on my story, The Life Of Jessica Anne Walsh the other day xxx

        Will you read it and tell me your thoughts?

  3. He should be ashamed to ask Gunther to give up something so precious as one’s family. He should just die and be done with it.

    Great chapter by the way :)

    • Thank you!

      Well, he’s had centuries in which to grow selfish as his loneliness increased, but in his own twisted mind what he’s going to get Gunther to give up isn’t something he will miss. After all, he reasons, you can’t miss what you never had, right?

      Twisted little shit. I’m torn between loving him and hating him ;)

      And he would probably say he wishes he could just die and be done with it. Immortality and loneliness do not good companions make.

  4. *gasp* Gunther must lose something near to his heart, I have a feeling what it’s going to be… o.O

    Hmm… Valois frustrates the Lords? Just by existing? I guess I thought his punishment was to linger around forever until the earth crumbles… and I thought his punishment was dished out by the Lords… maybe it’s not. LOL. Yikes, his father sounds like a top-notch guy… *little sarcasm* haha. Making deals with people like the Lords doesn’t sound like a great idea, for Valois or his father.

    • Nope, Valois’s fate is linked directly to what his father did. Poor Valois had no say in the matter; he was basically born to never die. One day, the Lords had assumed that their job would be over. Every living creature on the earth would be dead and they could fade out of existence. But, with Valois around, they will never be able to ‘retire’, for want of a better word. That’s why they detest him, and call him ‘beast’. However, he’s so lonely that he’s willing to bargain with them for an eternal companion. And yes, you’ve probably guessed what the Lords want in return…

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