Random Simmage: Sunset Valley Makeovers (part 2)

Following on from the first set, here’s a new batch of Sunset Valley Makeovers. Sometimes I’ll make small tweaks to the Townies’ faces (where they’ve been blessed with a whack from the ugly stick) but mainly I just keep their looks and change out their skin, hair, eyes, and some clothing etc for CC items.

The first Townies that I made over today were Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard. Pauline had no tweaks, but I did fiddle with Hank’s nose. That boy was blessed with one heck of a hooter XD

Pauline looks so cute, and Hank’s a bit of a hunk now…

Next on the list was a real challenge: Gobias Koffi. I did a bit of an Elton with him, giving him a nose job and a hair transplant. Goodness knows why he looks so annoyed at me, because I made him look 20 years younger!

Following on from Gobias, since he was visiting the Frio brothers those two were up next. Here was have Jared (left) and Connor (right). And, since I hate those long, pointy sideburns with the fire of a thousand suns… I made them both neaten up their facial hair. And dayum, don’t they look good on it. Tag team, anyone? *ducks and runs*

Next, we come to Thornton and Morgana Wolff. And yep, Thornton’s pointy sidies had to go, too XD

No edits at all on these two; just CC.

And lastly, for the random Simmage, I went a-knocking on the Landgraab’s door. I found out that Nancy has had a facelift (poor lass, I kind of missed that she could have done with a nose job, too), Geoffrey was wearing his Champs Les Sims Riviera togs, and poor wee Malcolm had been teased so much about his specs at school that he’d pestered his parents to get him some contact lenses.

(Apologies for the sternness of the pose. The only two-adults-with-a-child pose that I had was from a Twilight-themed set. Also, dayum, Geoffrey…)

And there are a couple more. So why did I say ‘lastly’ before the Landgraab picture? Because these final ones aren’t random Simmage; they’re my beloved Goths.

I decided that I really wanted to tweak these to perfection and make them quite different than I play them in The Madness of Mr Goth. So they became much sterner, much paler, and much, well… Goth-ier than I usually have them.

I tweaked these three a lot. Mainly Gunther’s eyes and mouth, Cornelia’s mouth, and Mortimer’s… everything (poor lad; a whopping nose and some serious chin, together with half-closed eyes. He needed some slider lurve!)

Yeah. Now I totally want to write a second story for these new versions. (I won’t. Not yet. I’m too focused on The Madness of Mr Goth and I don’t want to distract myself with another story, but once TMoMG is finished, I may write another one featuring these new versions.)

And here’s moody Mortimer ;)



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    • Hehe, thanks! I think they’re definitely an improvement over the EA defaults, even though a town full of handsome men and beautiful women is slightly improbable ;)

  1. LOL “whack from the ugly stick.”
    How true those words are. XD
    Again, wonderful job on the makeovers. Gobias’ name always reminds me of Tobias Funke from Arrested Development.

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