Lux Aeterna: The Goths in Midnight Hollow

Not a new story, no. This is a side-arc, much as Hollow House is a side-arc. I simply don’t have the time to devote to two separate stories, but when a Sim makeover comes out this beautifully and gives me ~ideas, I have to do something, right?

There is no Valois in this side-arc. Gunther and Cornelia are deeply devoted to each other, and their romantic interactions run on a par with those of Gomez and Morticia Addams. So yes, they’re very devoted to each other.

They are also much darker than their Sunset Valley counterparts, slightly creepier and more goth-like. So, to begin with, let’s spy on a small moment between Gunther and Cornelia while Mortimer (who is a teen in this side-arc) is at school…

Poses by fairsteadsims :)


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    • Yeah, I really loved how this look turned out for him. Interestingly, you can’t get rid of Gunther’s normal eyeliner in CaS. Removing all makeup and even changing his skin still leaves him with that inner-lid liner, so you couldn’t make him non-Goth even if you wanted to!

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