Chapter 12: Reunion

Gunther placed the cup he’d been drying on top of the stack, watching as Natalie straightened that one, too. “Odd, isn’t it?” he murmured, “how we bury ourselves in work when things go wrong elsewhere?”

“I’d noticed that, yes.” She looked up at him. “You’re always here when I get in, and you’re always here when I leave. Sometimes, when I drive past late at night, the light is still on in your office or in your suite.”

He’s not the only one with problems, but then those problems turn up on his doorstep, yet again. Or… do they?

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  1. Are Natalie and Gunther the only people who work here are something? They seem really overworked. Also, what a short scene with Valois this time. I was hoping for an intimate moment but alas, it was cut short. Can’t wait to read more! You’re doing great.

    • Ha! No, they’re not, but as CEO the buck stops with Gunther and – given that I’m also playing him with his game canon workaholic trait – it stands to reason they both work hard, and that Gunther wants everything that happens at DP Corporate to be run by him first. Not to mention that they’re both avoiding lousy home situations, too, which makes them more fond of spending time at the office!

      As to the update length, that’s because I split this chapter up. Originally it also included what is now chapter 13, but it started getting horribly long and went way past my own attention span, so I figured it would be better to split it so that readers’ eyes didn’t glaze over. You’ll see more intimate moments between Gunther and Valois in the next chapter, believe me ;)

    • Thank you!

      As to update frequency, I went for weekly because it allowed me time to get ahead a bit, but not get burned out (or burn out my readers with updates). Hopefully it works for you, too.

      I hope to catch up on a bit more of your story this weekend. I’ve been fairly burned-out myself in real life lately, so I’ve let my reading slip a bit. (No need for links, btw; I’ve got your blog bookmarked *g*)

  2. Awww, T_T. Sweet Valois is back. When I read this, I felt like Valois didn’t even know about the other versions of himself, since he seemed to be so saddened about why Gunther didn’t call him back, when another version of himself had spent the whole weekend with Gunther. Not trying to insult Valois with this next part, but it did remind me slightly of how some people have multiple personalities that don’t know the other personalities exist. It is intriguing for sure. :)

    • I get where you’re coming from with the second part of your comment, absolutely. But to let you in on a little secret: Valois knows all about those other sides of himself. They were all deliberate. He’s desperate to hold onto Gunther, but he knows that Gunther is quite strong-willed, so he needed to completely confuse him and make him doubt his sanity with his rockstar persona, break him down somewhat with his more unpleasant persona (the bookseller) before returning to him in his nice persona. He’s being very manipulative here :/

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