Chapter 15: The Club

“I was reading one of Natalie’s magazines when I was in your suite the other day,” Valois murmured. “That woman has far too much of a head for celebrity gossip, but I learned something new from it, nonetheless.”

“What did you learn?” And are you going to let my hand go? I feel kind of… exposed here.

“That there is a rather exclusive club for those that have traveled in one of these machines.”

Well. That’s one way to pass the time on a long-haul flight…

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  1. He is really starting to give in. Careful now Gunther, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. I see now that he doesn’t question the idea that he can read his mind because hes encouraged not to think and focus on the moment. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Oh, he’s fallen hard, and he’s certainly not looking at where his heart is taking him. Yes, there are moments of lucidity (such as the one in the brief excerpt I posted on Tumblr), but he’s in love. And, while the bookseller keeps away from him, he can conveniently forget all about that one ;)

  2. Well there’s that mind-fuckery. (no pun intended. I do love puns, but I swear it’s just the only thing that seems accurate at this point.)

    I have no clear or cohesive analysis of this chapter ready. I may spontaneously come back in a few weeks and find something intelligent to remark, but for now think of this as a rambling fan-girl place-marker.

    Your ability to create a scene is intense. I usually listen to music while I read (since it helps me stay focused) but I don’t need it at all when I read this. There’s a video I’m half done watching paused on my computer and my boyfriend is watching something I usually watch with him, and I was completely devoted to this. (I didn’t expect it to take this long, but then again I didn’t remember that I so often catch myself doubting my own sense and double checking past chapters when I read) It’s now four in the morning and if I want 6 hours of sleep before I need to leave for work I need to go to bed now, and I don’t even care.

    I am soooo sooo sooo glad that Valois actually relented for a second there. But then again, that could have been a manipulation on his point as well… I am pretty worried that Valois is taking Gunther away. Gunther finally found someone who might protect him, and might be able to do SOMETHING, absolutely ANYTHING to help empower him at this point. (I know Natalie doesn’t suspect anything and I believe it’s true that Valois does love Gunther, but I think she was his only hope really in being exposed to and allowed brief bursts of clarity) I definitely DON’T believe that it’s impossible for love to hurt you. In fact, I believe love is the thing that hurts us the most. It really really really worries me that Valois is so literally in control of Gunther that he doesn’t even have a thought that Valois doesn’t manipulate… I know, from the beginning, that Gunther does manage to escape… but at what cost to himself first? I’m also really intrigued now as to HOW. If Valois really CAN read his mind (which could just be something he’s feigning for effect) how does Gunther ever get the chance to even think of escape, much less attempt it? Anywho. Enough rambling from me. Keep being fantastic and I shall continue to build courage to continue reading :D

    • Oh gosh, I’m sitting here with the biggest, stupidest grin on my face – lol! Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback; both here and in your other comment.

      One little clue that I can give you is that it’s not only Gunther who thinks he’s going a bit crazy; Valois is, too. His old tried and tested methods have worked to a point, but he’s finding that he’s far more willing to show his true self (yes, you were spot on, there) and relax his tricks and mindfuckery when it comes to Gunther. And I think that both surprises and worries him.

      You’ll get a sense of just how far he’s willing to go when next week’s chapter (#17) posts, because he offers to do something he’s never offered any of his other putative life companions. And, as to how Gunther escapes, well maybe that offer has something to do with it ;)

  3. I only discovered your blog last night, and am I glad I did! You’re a brilliant writer, and you’ve woven an intricate tale that has me totally sucked in. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the story so far and am looking forward to catching up today.

    • Oh gosh, it’s always so wonderful to check the blog and find a slew of comments! Thank you so much! (And apologies that I didn’t check sooner, and all of your comments are currently moderated. I’ll approve them all and get to replying!)

  4. Wow the dominance and submission is so captivating. “On your knees, mon chéri. I want your mouth on me.” Loved it when he said that lol…*blush* ^_^

    • Ohhh, now that forms a large part of the story, so there’s more to look forward to… in a slightly-twisted kind of way ;)

  5. That’s an interesting cage Valois put on Gunther. I like the stuff Valois was saying about love letting you be free and not hurting you. It’s so true about the cages society puts on people, or rather, people think they have cages on them, so then they get embarrassed when they try to break out of those cages, and society looks at them wierd. I felt bad for Gunther because even though he knew Valois was making it so no one would disturb them, or hear them, his views about how it was a public place held him back.

    • Yes, and those views about it being a public place were just another cage. Valois was trying to teach Gunther to let go and trust him, but of course that’s hard to do in the early stages of a relationship like that, especially with such a sensitive and potentially-embarrassing subject!

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