Deleted Scene: On the plane to Champs Les Sims

This scene originally followed on from the Mile High Club scene in Chapter 15, but it was cut from the story because it simply didn’t feel as if it fitted in (basically, it felt like an overly-prurient interlude, rather than a scene that would drive the story forward).

However, as a standalone scene, it works in itself, and I know that I have a few readers that would be sad at missing out on a particularly erotic Valois/Gunther scene, whether it fitted the story or not ;)

Having said that, before you read this deleted scene, please bear the following in mind:

  1. This must not be regarded as canon for the story. It was cut for a reason, and therefore it technically never happened. You are, however, getting a sneak peek at another of Valois’s ‘talents’ with this one…
  2. The bit about the ‘cage’ won’t make sense if you’ve not already read Chapter 15.
  3. This is a NSFW scene.
  4. It’s also un-illustrated.

Okay with all that? Right. Onward!


Gunther was sure that his fellow passengers were staring at him as he left the toilet and started to make his way back to his seat, walking as steadily as he could while feeling as though he was fourteen again and trying to keep his dick under control. Why in hell did they have the seats furthest away from the toilets, damn it?!

He glanced either side of him, nervously looking for staring eyes, but it was as if the plane was frozen in time. Nobody moved, nobody looked up, and he reached forward to catch Valois’s hand, tugging him back.

“Hm?” Valois stopped and turned back with a smile.

“The… the plane’s still moving, and so are we,” Gunther whispered, “but nobody else is!” He nodded to one of the flight attendants, frozen in the motion of pouring a glass of orange juice for a passenger. Even the orange juice was frozen, mid-pour!

“Simple time suspension,” Valois said. “The plane is on autopilot anyway, and outside it the world continues as normal. Inside it, time is on hold.”

“Has it been like that the entire time we’ve been in the bathroom?”

“From the moment that I got to up follow you in there, yes.” Valois moved close to Gunther, cupping a hand over his groin and squeezing. “This feels so very public, does it not?” he whispered. “In front of all these people…”

Gunther couldn’t stop the plaintive sound that left his throat. “Please!” he whimpered. “Not here!”

“Why not? Can you see a single person even so much as looking this way? They are all still living over an hour ago. We are not even here, to them.”

Gunther felt Valois’s hand move, and as he looked down he saw his fly was now undone and a pale hand was slipping inside. He clasped Valois’s wrist tightly, and Valois looked up at him.

“They cannot see,” he said firmly. “But I want you to feel as if they can.”

“I can’t!” Gunther whispered, looking around, frantically. “I can’t do this! Please!”

“Hush.” Valois kissed him, quelling the panic down to a slow-burning worry. “You will do it, because you trust me, and because I love you.”

“But why?”

Again, Valois kissed him, as he drew Gunther’s dick out into his hand. “Because it pleases me,” he whispered, stroking firmly. “You still feel the cage?”

Gunther’s head went down, unable now to look around him, burning with embarrassment. He nodded.

“Good. Now we shall finish walking to our seats. Come with me.”

And Gunther Goth, CEO of DP Corporate, respected founding father of Sunset Valley, and family man walked down the aisle of a crowded airplane with his cock out of his pants, held by a man with scarlet hair who stroked him all the way until they sat down.


Finally, safely in their seats, Gunther curled up against Valois, panting. “Please,” he moaned softly. “Too much! I need… need…”

“Very well, but we shall do this my way.” Gently, Valois tucked him back in and zipped him up. “Sit up straight and place the inflight magazine upon your lap, to read it.”

Shaking, Gunther wriggled himself upright and reached for the magazine. Crossing one leg over the other at the knee, he rested the magazine across his legs, then started as the murmur of life struck up once again inside the plane.

He looked around. Time was moving. Passengers chatted, the flight attendants moved down the aisle, offering cold drinks and snacks. A small child wailed near the back of the plane.

“Valois, what…?” What did he mean by ‘his way’? He’s started time again!

“Would you like a drink, sir?”

Gunther looked up as the female attendant pulled the trolley next to their seats and kicked on the brake. “Uh…”

“Just a tonic water for me,” Valois said. “Gunther?”

“I’ll have–” Gunther’s voice died at the same time the attendant froze and all life in the plane stopped once again. She was looking right at him!

“Unzip your pants and take out your cock,” Valois said, and Gunther stared at him, colouring up to his hairline.


“Did you not hear me? I said unzip your pants and take out your cock.”

Panicked, Gunther swung his glance back up to the attendant, who was still looking at him intently, with the hint of a pleasant smile at the corners of her mouth. “I… I’m sorry, Miss. I…”

“She cannot hear you, nor can she see you as you are now.” Valois examined his fingernails. “She is still living almost a minute ago, and I have just asked you what you want to drink. Now, do you need release, or not?”

“With her staring at me?! I can’t!”

“Oh, I rather think you can. This will be your only chance for it until we are on solid ground.” Valois picked an imaginary speck of dirt out from beneath a fingernail. “And I don’t think you can wait that long.”

Gunther swallowed. No. No, he couldn’t. He was fucking desperate, and slowly… very slowly, he put aside the magazine and unzipped his pants with trembling fingers, all the time horribly aware of the attendant’s gaze on him.

“Take it out. The cage will be gone the moment that you do.”

Oh god. It took Gunther two attempts to push his hand inside his fly, curl his fingers around his dick, and finally pull it out into the air. No sooner had he done that than the feeling of the bars around it melted away, and he felt it filling his hand as he grew hard again.

“I believe the expression is ‘take it away’, mon chéri.” Valois nuzzled up to him, kissing his neck and adding in a whisper, “I want to watch you, to see what you enjoy doing to yourself.”

Fuck! Fuckfuckfuck! Gunther leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes. He knew that nobody but Valois could see what he was doing. He just had to learn to trust that knowledge, and he slowly began moving his hand, encouraged by Valois’s appreciative soft moans and whispers.

Barely two minutes later, his nostrils were flaring as he jerked off, completely oblivious now to everything around him. He felt two fingers tapping at his lips, and he parted them without thought; it was now such a common thing for Valois to do to him. Those fingers slipped into his mouth, pressing gently down on his tongue and preventing him from closing his mouth or swallowing. His breath was harsh and rough in the silence of the cabin and he began to drool around Valois’s fingers.

“Yes,” Valois murmured in his ear. “This is how I love to see you, mon chéri. Uninhibited. Abandoned. Raw.”

Gunther’s breath hitched, and he suddenly felt Valois’s hot, wet mouth enclose the head of his dick, just in the nick of time as he arched in the seat and came, spilling down Valois’s throat as Valois licked and sucked him through it.

Moments later, he sagged in the seat, panting and opening his eyes. The attendant was still looking at him with that half-pleasant smile, and – weakly – he returned it as Valois sat up and licked his lips.

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy that and I’ll call you a liar,” Valois murmured.

“God, I must look a fucking state.” Gunther looked down at himself. Slightly crumpled, yes, but no more than anyone else who had recently spent several hours on a plane.

“You look beautiful.” Valois was tucking him away and zipping him up again. “Put the magazine back upon your lap. The one thing with time suspension is that you must ensure continuity. Try to remember exactly how things were when you stopped it, and put them back that way before you re-start it. The human brain will overlook some things, but too many differences will give it a deep sense of unease.”

Gunther put the magazine back onto his lap, finding the page he’d had it open at. He ran a hand through his hair and hoped to god he didn’t look too flushed.

“I am so proud of you. Ready?” Valois asked, his gaze tender and full of love. “Just tell her you’ll have the same.”

Gunther nodded, focusing on the magazine as the buzz of noise started up around him again.

He looked at Valois, who was watching him expectantly, then he looked up at the attendant, in what he hoped was a credible show of distraction. “Oh,” he said, smiling at her, “I’ll have the same as him. Thank you.”

Two glasses of tonic water were placed on the chairback trays in front of them, and the attendant moved on. Valois clasped Gunther’s hand gently.

“You are perfect,” he whispered.



6 responses

  1. This was amazing! I know you said its not canon but it looks like it would fit perfectly into the story. I hope they have more public “activities” while time is stopped. That is a pretty hand skill Valois has and hope to see him use it more, especially in front of Gunther because his responses are great. I imagine he probably had a flustered look when asked to do that.

    • Thank you! Yes, it would have fitted in, but to me it just didn’t feel right for several reasons.

      1. It wasn’t driving the story forward.
      2. I had no way of segueing from this to the next scene (which was them arriving in Champs Les Sims) that wouldn’t be jarring to read.
      3. If I’d tacked it onto the end of Chapter 15, that would have been too long (plus it would have lost the perfect closing line for that chapter, wherein Gunther shows his trust), and putting it at the start of Chapter 16 felt weird and wrong.

      It won’t be the last time that specific skill is shown, and I’ll try to incorporate it into the same kind of scene, only in a way that fits the story much better. As to ‘flustered’, well that’s one word for it, as are ‘highly-embarrassed’, ‘mildly-humiliated’, and ‘blushing like a peony’. *g*

      But, then, we already knew that Valois has certain very specific… ah… proclivities along those lines, didn’t we? ;)

  2. This scene illustrates so well the power exchange between Gunther and Valois. Valois is obviously the dominant man in this relationship, and Gunther struggles with his desire to submit to and please Valois while maintaining some propriety. I’m sure Valois will continue to push Gunther’s boundaries in the upcoming chapters. Whether he does it blatantly like part of this scene or through more of his trickery, e.g., the cage, his other personas, etc., remains to be seen. I’m off to read the next chapter!

    • Thank you :)

      I was a bit wary of posting this scene (and the one that I put on the blog yesterday) but I’m glad now that I created the ‘deleted scenes’ tag for scenes and snippets like these. While they may not (or may!) be a canon part of the story, I hope that they give more insight into the dynamic between Valois and Gunther. And ohhh yes, there will be much pushing of boundaries, don’t worry about that ;)

  3. Haha, woo, this was hot! I’m glad you shared it even though you didn’t want to put it in the main story. That stuff about time suspension was really cool to learn about. :)

    • Valois has quite the kink for embarrassing Gunther ;) He’d never do it in front of anyone else, but he’ll happily let Gunther think others are watching. Evil little shit – hehe!

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