Chapter 16: Home

Gunther palmed a hand to the back of his neck and looked around. The town was small and peaceful, sunlight streaming down and birds wheeling overhead on updrafts of warm summer air. “God, what a beautiful place,” he sighed, turning to look at Valois with a happy smile. “I am home, and I have you with me,” Valois said simply. “It is the most beautiful place in the world, because of that.” There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place…

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  1. I’ve noticed Gunther swears a lot more than he used to. Is this to show that he is more comfortable around Valois or does he just have colorful vocabulary? And I’m guessing the next chapters will involve some fun activities. Great chapter!

    • Thank you!

      About the swearing; it’s a little bit of both, really. He’s always had a colourful vocabulary (witness his, “Fuck, do I ever,” when the bartender serves him a drink because, “you look like you need it,” in the second chapter) but it tends to be subsumed when he himself is subsumed in Valois, and it comes out most when he’s either very angry (re: the argument when the bookseller called at his home) or very contented (re: this chapter).

      Actually, the next chapter will involve a very literal change of scenery. I’m finally caught up on all of my pre-written chapters (general absolute exhaustion of late has meant that I’ve been coming home from work and simply sleeping/vegetating, because I have zero energy for creating stuff after work, so anything I’ve been writing has been done in the short time I have before I go to work at 5am) so – once I’ve finished work today – I’ll need to have a nap, then sit down and start work on that one. It’s all planned out, as is the following chapter, so I know where I’m going with them ;)

    • Aww, the fact that you comment at all is lovely. A lot of people seem to read and then never say anything (which is fine, too; we can’t all comment on every single thing that we read online during the day!). While getting long and detailed multi-paragraph comments is always a wonderful bonus, all feedback is always welcomed :)

      Valois is fun, now he’s slowly realised that his old tactics aren’t necessary and he’s beginning to let himself go and be himself a little bit more. He really can’t help certain things (as you’ll see in the next two chapters) but then a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do in order to keep a lifelong companion, right? ;)

  2. I’ve forgotten to mention this sooner, but Valois has the face of an angel, so it still catches me by surprise sometimes the things he says and does. That innocent face can get away with so much, even when he’s being a little devil. ;-) LOL. I love all of Gunther’s facial expressions. You capture his inner turmoil so well, especially in the previous couple of chapters. (Sometimes my reading gets ahead of my thoughts/comments.)

    • You know, the oddest thing is that – no matter how hard I try – I can’t remember how I created him? I think he might have started out as a randomised Sim that I then edited with a load of CC, but I honestly don’t remember! I do still have the screenshots from the very first time he met Gunther in a game, thought. Neither of them had much CC back then (Gunther was still in his EA default skin, facial hair, clothes, etc) and it was nighttime, but I might post those at some point, because it was seeing them shaking hands and animatedly chatting in the park that made me think they’d make an interesting couple.

  3. LOL, I loved the broom joke in the beginning. XD Valois is too funny.
    It’s cool to see Valois opening up a little more to Gunther, I can imagine Gunther feels slightly better now that there’s some give on Valois part, at least with his life experiences. I don’t know, sometimes I feel like Valois being alive for so long has it’s good sides, like him being able to go to so many different places just because he has the time to. I do get his loneliness problem, though. When you can’t die, it just leaves everyone dying around you, and that would be incredibly sad, especially if you loved some of them.

    • For Valois it’s the loneliness that’s haunted his entire life. He gets close to someone and, eventually, they die. Even those he has tried to give immortality to in the past have all refused it when he asked them or made the actual offer (which is why this time around, with Gunther, he just went ahead and did it anyway; he was that desperate).

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