Hunger: The Fatal Kiss

Because for the longest time I’ve been wanting to see what these two would be like as vampires. Completely non-canon for The Madness of Mr Goth. It’s not even a side-arc. (Okay, it probably is, but hey, can you blame me?)

“Are you hungry, mon cœur?”

“Ravenous. You know I always am first thing at night.”

“Ahh, oui. The waking hunger. We shall remedy that. Come here, pretty. My friend is in need of a bite to eat.”

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  1. How fun! Seriously, there’s nothing you can do to make Valois unattractive! He’s even hot as a vampire. LOL. Gunther doesn’t take to this life form quite as well. He looks good in the straight-on shots, but not as much when he lowers his head.

    • *grins* I knoooow. He’s so gorgeous, and I think his apparent innocence is what draws people to him. I have a ton more shots of him on my Simblr (the link’s at the top of the blog), especially in this vampire guise as well as the beginnings of a short medieval-type story where he looks a lot younger. Basically, these two are now my OTP and I put them together in everything XD

      Poor Gunther. I know what you mean, because I spent a fair while angling the camera to get good shots of him. (Also, that hair was edited from a female version, and it doesn’t look good from the left side, which is why most of the times I use it on male Sims I have to take screenshots from the front or the right.)

  2. Ugh vampires. Seriously hands down my favorite supernatural ever. LOL. I don’t know what it is about them, but they always have this regal, majestic presence. They’re so contradictory, like they’re polite because they’ve been around for so many centuries, yet they’ll sink their fangs into your neck and suck you dry. LOL. I’m generalizing of course, but the point is I adore vampires.
    These guys look really good as vampires. :D

    • Me too! You’ll see a vampire story later on in the blog that I started writing, based on a novel that I penned a couple of decades ago now. I haven’t got much further with it than the first chapter, as illustrated in TS3, but once TMoMG is finished I might continue it.

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