Chapter 17: Relativity

In one elegant swoop, Valois scooped the landing net under the fish and brought it safely onto the ground. They both looked down as the fish flopped around helplessly, then Gunther knelt and very gently removed the hook from its mouth, resting a hand on its flank as its mouth gaped and its spasms died to stillness.

That’s how I feel sometimes, he thought. Out of the safety of my water and on the strange, dry land where I can’t breathe as I normally do.

Like a fish out of water, he’s gasping for air, and there’s only one person who feels like the comfort of the ocean for him.

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  1. Thanks for having that translation there. I was just about to copy and paste it into google translate until I saw that little symbol. So, are you going to turn Gunther into a witch? Also, I saw that you said we would hate Valois by chapter 19. I’m guessing hes going to do something harsh to Gunther? As much as I like them talking in and dressed in relaxed clothing, I’m hoping for more pain and torture for our dear protagonist!

    • Hehe. I figured that if I made the translated text a slightly different red colour it would catch the readers’ eye and suggest there may be a reason why it’s different.

      Hrm. I’m not going to say anything, re: the witch thing. You’ll have to wait and find out, but yes, Gunther will be having magic lessons and I had a great deal of fun coming up with the magic rules for this world (which was nice, as I’ve been home sick from work for four days and am still feeling lousy, so it’s good to have something to take my mind off that).

      Ohh, people are going to DESPISE Valois! Reload Tumblr, if you haven’t looked already, and scroll back a bit ;) Lots more pain and torment to come, fear not! (Although poor Cornelia bears the brunt of the next batch.)

  2. Wow awesome, Valois offering to teach Gunther magic in order to ease his fears. LOL, I’m lucky I watch Doctor Who because I understood Valois’ explanation of how he got the apple pretty easily. Either that, or you explained it well. :D

    • Haha! I read a lot of general ‘Physics for the Layman’ kind of books (Michio Kaku’s Hyperspace is a great one for explaining things like Quantum Theory and Superstring Theory in terms most people can understand; well, for the vast majority of the time) but even I got lost on that infamous page in A Brief History of Time. I should go back and give that book another go, actually.

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