Chapter 18: Addition

“I really messed up, didn’t I?” Cornelia mumbled a few minutes later as Agnes poured the tea and placed two cups on the kitchen table. “I didn’t really think it through.”

“Well, I hate to say it, but yeah. You kind of did, sweetie.” Agnes sat down and sipped her tea. “What on earth possessed you to do it? I thought you were going to file for divorce, especially after he was caught sneaking out of that motel he’d been staying at all weekend! Not to mention going off to France for months and just leaving you behind.”

Far away from him, life is about to spiral out of control, even as it forms in his hands.

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  1. I would feel so awkward and paranoid with a partner who knew everything I was thinking. I mean, my mind would wonder everywhere. And it looks like this is the part you informed us about on tumblr. Can’t wait to read the next chapter!

    • Hell, I would, too! Gunther’s not quite in his own mind, though; at least most of the time. He has occasional moments of perfect lucidity, but since he’s been with Valois he’s been caught up in his world and the real life that he’s left behind is beginning to fade…

  2. I knew Cornelia would end up pregnant from that night with Gunther. Trying to trap Gunther in a loveless marriage by having another baby is asinine. I hope Valois’s sudden interest and stoppage of time aren’t related to the birth of Gunther’s baby, but the timing is too coincidental for me to rule it out. I’m on pins & needles.

    • Well, that’s Cornelia for you! Hehe! You’re probably finding out right about now what she’s actually been up to, but yes that’s pretty much it. She’s desperate to hold onto her money and prestige, so sending poor little Mortimer to Prep School and ‘persuading’ Gunther to father another child with her were all a part of her plan.

  3. I don’t know why I never noticed before, but Cornelia looks really pretty, with her dark hair and blue eyes. That one picture in this chapter when she has her hand on her head at the table, I actually felt bad for her, a teeny bit. LOL. I agree with Agnes, having a baby to keep a couple together isn’t really the wisest thing to do…

    That’s very cool that Gunther managed to get the apple. I’m guessing he didn’t do it the same way Valois did, with the wormhole and the orchard? But he actually made an apple?

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