Chapter 19: Theft

Cornelia cracked open one eye, then rose groggily up on one elbow. Her gaze went, at first, to the crib, and her eyes widened as she couldn’t see her little girl laying there.

Frantically, she looked around the room, seeing a man who… seemed familiar. Oh god, a man in her bedroom, holding her daughter! Her precious baby! She flung back the sheets, uncaring of her nightclothes, and stretched out an arm.

“PUT HER DOWN!” she screeched.

Payment is taken, and he will never know that he had a daughter.

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  1. Gunther clearly fell asleep while resting on Valois in the last chapter, yet he moved and made his way to the Manor. This makes me wonder what he was doing during that first time Gunther came to his home and fell asleep on him. Also, you said we’d hate Valois by this chapter but he hasn’t done anything wrong. Shes the one that’s been using Gunther and started the fire. She could have used ice and froze him or something, but nope.

    • Hehe, I said that about Valois before I started actually writing the chapter. I’d originally intended to show where he was taking the baby in this chapter, but it didn’t come out that way. Not only that, but the idea of Cornelia being a gold-digging witch literally only struck me (that was the enormous lightbulb moment I mentioned on Tumblr) right before I started writing, so that changed things, too. What Valois is actually doing with the baby is an incredibly selfish thing, but – as always – he has his reasons.

      With regard to Cornelia not being able to stop him, she literally couldn’t do anything while he was present in the room. I didn’t mention how he was guarding himself against her (he didn’t want to give away what he was) but he was actually outside time. She could have stuck a sword into him and it would have gone right through him, like he was a ghost. That’s also why she couldn’t find him in the Veil. Her spells were failing, and by the time she’d gathered her strength for one last chance he was already halfway through time and space. She wasn’t expecting that, hence her initial use of fire. Bitch wanted to see him BURN! ;)

      I love these questions, because they make me think about things. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to think back and wonder what Valois was doing that first time Gunther fell asleep on him. Something nefarious, no doubt, but now I’m really wondering what

  2. I would be in Cornelia’s shoes if someone was taking my baby, but not about the gold digging… I’m really not able to wait and see what’s going to happen with the baby though.

    • I think we all would. The maternal instinct is a strong one (even though it was lacking in her, re: poor little Mortimer), and she had literally just given birth a few hours before. (In case you’re wondering, it was the birth of the child that made Valois stop talking and look up when he was with Gunther, and yes, he then made Gunther sleepy so he could make his escape and go get the baby. He could sense it happening, because he’s sort of… hrm, how can I put this? He’s put a tag on Cornelia, for want of a better word, like he’s following her vaguely through time and he’s alerted of major changes and emotions etc.)

      I can’t wait to post the next chapter. Some people won’t be surprised because they’ll have guessed already, but others might just have a, “Woah, really?!” moment *g*

  3. Aha! My instincts were correct. Valois went after Gunther’s baby. I have mixed emotions about Cornelia. In some ways she deserves what she gets because she married Gunther for all the wrong reasons and never really gave a damn about him, not to mention how she treated Mortimer. But, having your newborn baby taken away from you is beyond what anyone deserves. If Cornelia survives the blaze, she’ll still be in a world of hurt. I had no idea Cornelia was a witch, not that it was any defense against Valois.

    I wonder where Valois is taking the baby and whether Gunther will ever find out he has a daughter.

    • That’s exactly what I was aiming for, so I’m glad it came across! Yes, Cornelia is a pretty terrible person, but the maternal instinct is one of the strongest there is, and she showed flashes of genuine love not only for the baby but also glimmers of what she may once have felt for Gunther (“he’s still her daddy”).

      You’re almost at the end of what I’ve posted so far, but I can tell you that Mortimer will be returning to the story quite soon, just to shake things up a little bit. As to whether Gunther ever finds out about Ysabell, well that won’t be revealed for a while yet ;)

  4. This just got really even more interesting. LOL. I had no idea Cornelia was a witch as well. Valois transcending time and death made me wonder if he can see everything that happens in time, which is the only way he would know where Ysabell truly belonged. As cruel as it was of Valois to take Ysabell, he really did save her since Cornelia set her house on fire after he left. It was also interesting to see the things Valois pointed out about how Cornelia insisted on throwing magic at him even though he was holding Ysabell, as if Cornelia really was just uncaring of the baby… or if she was just too panicked that Valois was holding her… the uncaring bit seems more likely though, since motherly instinct would say that first and foremost don’t harm the baby. Granted, I realize that had he never come, the house would not have been set on fire, but I think and hope you realize what I was trying to say. XD

    • Cornelia’s desperate need to hold onto Ysabell was primarily driven by selfishness. She’d lost Gunther because of the way she’d treated him. Mortimer never wanted his Mummy whenever he was sad, always running to Daddy instead, and that was because of how she’d treated him. So, Ysabell was her last chance at having someone in her life who would offer her unconditional love, at least for a few years. Unfortunately her maternal instinct is not a strong one, so her actions in this chapter were driven from her own needs, rather than her worries for her daughter. In the end, although Ysabell has been deprived of her father’s love, she’s being taken well away from the mother who only wanted to use her to get Gunther back.

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