Admin: No story update this week

Just a heads-up, dear readers: There will be no update to The Madness of Mr Goth this week.

I’ve been poleaxed by agonising shoulder and neck pain that makes sitting at the computer for any extended period of time something that I simply can’t bear. Hell, even trying to sleep is something I can’t do right now; I’m running on fumes because the pain keeps waking me up every hour or so, and the only painkillers that I can take (allergies, etc) are doing nothing to take the edge off it.

Despite that, I’m still having to struggle into work because I can’t afford to take time off sick, so I hope you’ll understand that the story needs to take a backseat for at least a week – possibly two – while I try to nap when I can and (hopefully) get better as quickly as possible.

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