Deleted Scene: ALL of his needs

In lieu of a full chapter this week (please see the previous post for reasons why I’m unable to give you that) I still wanted to put something up for you. Having dug around in my writing folder for this specific story, I found this small scene that I wrote originally for around about where the story is now, but didn’t actually put into any chapter.

WARNING: This scene deals with what some might term ‘bathroom kink’, but in fact there is no actual kink in it. Rather, it was intended to show just how much control Valois wanted over Gunther (what he terms “caring for all of your needs”), and how deep Gunther had gone into submission without realising it. So, before going into this, be aware that there’s toilet stuff behind the cut (however, most of it is intimated and there is no graphic description. At the point where you might consider hitting the back button, trust me: there’s a fade-to-black, okay? *g*).

So, all that said, please bear in mind the following:

  • This can be regarded as canon for the story. I pulled it mainly because I suspected that it might be a step too far for the casual reader. The hardcore tormented!Gunther-lovers can decide to read it, while the ones who don’t care as much for that can decide to skip this bit. You don’t need to read this if you don’t want to; the story canon is fine without it.
  • This scene is NSFW
  • It’s also un-illustrated.

Okay? Well then. Onward!


Gunther woke up to the sun streaming in through the bedroom window and Valois nowhere in sight. His lover’s side of the bed was neatly-made, and for a moment Gunther’s heart plummetted, until he heard the sound of running water and realised Valois was in the shower. At that, he snuggled back down again, burying his nose in Valois’s pillow and breathing deeply, before mentally shaking his head and laughing softly.

“You’re behaving like a lovestruck teenaged girl,” he whispered to himself, “but god, it feels so nice.”

The sound of the shower ceased, so he pushed the covers back and got up, making his side of the bed before he padded into the bathroom. Valois – towelling himself down – smiled at him.

“Good morning, mon cœur. Did you sleep well?”

“Like the proverbial log. I never sleep as well anywhere else, when you’re not with me.” Gunther flipped up the lid and seat of the toilet, but then hesitated as Valois moved swiftly up behind him. “Uh, did you need to go?”

Non, but you clearly do.” Valois reached one hand around Gunther’s hip, taking hold of him intimately. “Go ahead,” he said softly.

Gunther squirmed inwardly. “Uh, I don’t think I can. Not with you doing… that.”

“Four glasses of wine last night, and a full night’s sleep on top of them?” Valois chuckled. “Oh, I think you can.”

“Valois… uh, isn’t this taking that ‘caring for my every need’ thing a bit too far?”

“Hush.” Valois’s other hand rested, cool and still-damp, on Gunther’s belly. Gentle-yet-insistent pressure from that hand made Gunther swallow and try to resist, but it was no use. Valois was right; they’d both drunk a bottle of wine between them, and he was bloody desperate. He closed his eyes, took a slow breath, and relaxed, trusting Valois to guide him.

When he’d finished he was hot all over, but shivering. Valois gently shook him off and flushed the toilet, putting both the seat and lid back down before turning Gunther to face him and holding him close.

“It is the most intimate thing that one person can do for another,” he whispered, his breath warm against Gunther’s ear. “And it is of the same intimacy for the one that it is done to. I do it to show you how much I care for you, and you will do it to show me how much you trust me, hm? But, the next time, I want your arms raised up and behind you, with your fingers gently locked together behind my neck.”

Weakly, Gunther nodded, then realised what he was agreeing to: complete submission. His head went up and he stared at Valois. “Will do it? Wait, I–”

“Every time.” Valois held his gaze, his own eyes clear and steady. “And if I am not present, you will call me. I can be with you in a matter of moments to do this for you.”

“What about at work?”

“Well, you have a private bathroom there, do you not?”

There was no answer to that, because yes, he did. Gunther nodded.

“Then it is agreed. And Gunther?”

“Yes?” he whispered.

“Naked. Every time.”

“What?! I can’t undress completely every time I need the bathroom!”

“Why not?”

“Because… because…” There IS no ‘because’, is there, Gunther? There’s no actual reason WHY you can’t do it. You just don’t want to. But it felt… right. Oh god.

“Well… if I’m at work and in a meeting… it’ll take longer!” he tried, desperate to find some excuse.

“You forget, mon cœur, that I am able to suspend time for everyone but us.”

His head went down and he nodded, mumbling, “All right.” He wasn’t even going to ask about, well, the other, because it was embarrassing enough that Valois wanted to do this when Gunther took a pee, let alone–!

“Oh, and with regard to that ‘other’,” Valois said softly, as Gunther’s heart sank, “yes, you will call me for that, too.”

“Oh god,” Gunther moaned, his body starting to tremble violently as he tried to twist out of Valois’s shockingly-strong embrace. “I can’t! I can’t do that!”

Gently, but firmly, Valois pushed Gunther down until he was sitting on the closed toilet seat lid. Then, with one hand tucked beneath Gunther’s chin, he raised his face.

“This is the faith that you promised me,” he murmured. “The faith that I would know what you needed, that I would care for every part of you, that I would always be here when you felt overwhelmed. And this, right here, is how we will do that. You will sit, and do what needs to be done, while I hold your face like this and you look up into my eyes.”

Tears were now welling in Gunther’s eyes. “That’s not faith, or love. It’s humiliation!” he whimpered. “I can’t do it. I won’t!”

“I know, mon cœur. You are overwhelmed, because it feels so wrong to you.” Valois’s hand caressed Gunther’s chin, as he bent forward to ghost a tender kiss across Gunther’s lips. “Would it help you to trust me if I allowed you to do the same for me first?”

Gunther blinked. “You would? Uh, I mean, what? No! That’s… that’s just weird!”

“But I trust you enough to permit you to do it, and if you do it then you will feel that trust and understand it. Will you not at least try?”

“I… I don’t know!”

“Then stand, mon cœur, for whether you know or not, you are here for that anyway.”

img_divider01Half an hour and one comforting shower later, after Valois had held him, kissed and caressed him, and washed him, Gunther curled up against his lover, still feeling stripped raw and turned inside out by what they’d both just done. Of course he’d given in, especially after Valois had shown him that trust himself. How could he not? He’d been so shaken apart by the love and trust in Valois’s eyes that he knew what had driven him to ask for that, and he’d been ashamed of denying it in return. Now, though, he felt incredibly vulnerable, and was grateful for Valois wrapping him up in a strong embrace on the bed.

“I am so proud of you, my beautiful boy,” Valois whispered. “You understand now, do you not?”

Gunther nodded, unable to find his voice anywhere in the tight knot that was his throat right now. Valois seemed content with that, holding him until he slowly fell into a fitful doze.


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  1. Aw man that is AWKWARD. Its something about these types of situations that I really enjoy. Is it strange that I kinda wanted to read how it all went down? Just kinda. Also, thanks for uploading this even though you’re probably still in agonizing pain with you neck and back. It was weird and I loved it! I hope you’re feeling better :) Oh and how tall are they? I assumed they were the same height but it would be way hotter if Valois were a bit taller than Gunther.

    • That was one of the main reasons why I wrote this scene. It got into my head as a way that Valois could really get to Gunther, but in a way that was both loving and caring (which is why I took it as far away from the potential for kink as I could, because I didn’t want it to read that way). And no, it’s not strange that you kinda wanted to read what actually happened; it’s just that I was already squirming with embarrassment on Gunther’s behalf that I just couldn’t bring myself to write it! XD

      As to their height, yes Valois is taller than Gunther. Unfortunately, some pose-creators stretch one partner in couple poses (usually the male or dominant one, but that might be the pose that I want to use for Gunther sometimes!) so occasionally Gunther looks taller than Valois in the screenshots. In my head, Gunther is about 5′ 11″ and Valois is roughly 6′ 2″. There’s something like a 2″ to 3″ difference; enough that Gunther has to look up a bit ;)

      Thank you for the kind words about the neck/back thing. It’s much better today, but as a consequence of that I’m moving about more normally when it’s still not 100%, so every now and then it twinges like hell and makes me catch my breath (or shriek). I wish I had two days to rest it this weekend, but I have to work tomorrow so I’ll only get one day off. Ah well.

  2. Awkward is one way to describe it, that’s for sure. I read … a lot … and it’s the first time I’ve come across any character wanting this extreme level of intimacy. (Frankly, I’m OK with that. LOL.) Seems like Gunther’s been put on the bus with a one-way ticket to Strangetown, or perhaps, CompleteAndUtterSubmissionTown. :P Valois apparently has no boundaries, and Gunther’s in for a hell of a ride.

    • *chuckles* Well, all I can say is that Valois has had… a long, long time (I won’t give away just how long yet) to develop those little proclivities of his, but let’s just say that he kept taking things further and further with his various lovers over the years, to the point where those things bored him and he just wanted more. Gunther is, indeed, in for one hell of a ride. He’s already in so deep that extricating himself would prove highly traumatic…

      …I wonder if he’ll try? ;)

  3. Just like Lily, I read a lot! I have seen stories where the Dom wants to know when the Sub needs to go to the bathroom, sometimes denying them. I just kept thinking, “He’s going to have to watch what he eats from now on.”

    Does that make me weird? lol

    • LOL! Nope, not weird. But the poor guy has to eat sometimes, so he’ll be in for many embarrassing phone calls in the future ;) He’s also in for one hell of an interesting ride, because Valois is taking him very gently and naturally into his submission; so gently that Gunther is almost coming to it himself, with only a guiding hand to keep him on the right track.

      • It’s going to be difficult with a teenaged son hanging around but I’m sure Valois will find a way.

        I sometimes love the way he’s portrayed and sometimes I’m like…wtf be nice!! lol

        Is he just into D/s or is he into SM too? Inquiring minds wanna know.

        • He’s very much a duality, yes. He absolutely loves Gunther completely, so much so that he literally wants to care for every aspect of his life (and with Gunther being such a control freak, you can understand why Valois is working slowly, but constantly pushing). He’s very much into D/s (obviously) and some SM. With the SM I’d say he’s no higher than class II; aka only with consenting partners. He has a very finely-tuned penchant for embarrassment (not quite humiliation; that feels a little too cruel for him) but to his eternal surprise he sometimes finds that his partners – both previous and current – have different definitions of ‘humiliation’ than he does. Ah well. What’s a kinky witch to do, eh? ;)

  4. LOL! Ok, first of all, I am laughing in a good way, as usual. This scene struck me as very humorous, despite the humiliation Gunther was feeling. I think practical thoughts came into my head, which added to the humor of what was going on. Like this, when Gunther said “I have to strip naked every time I use the bathroom?!” It made me laugh because that does seem really impractical, and it would make going to the bathroom take twice as long, LOL, and then I thought of all the times Gunther would have to call Valois in, which made me then think of when a child had trouble getting undressed or something. The similarities between a person actually needing help going to the bathroom somehow found their way into my head, making this more funny for me rather than disturbing. Not to say Valois is being a little ridiculous per se, because I think I do see that he’s trying to get Gunther to be as comfortable in his skin as he possibly can around him, but even the closest of couples sometimes don’t use the bathroom in front of each other.

    • Hehe. I wrote this odd little scene for several reasons, but the two main ones were to show just how much control Valois would be demanding over Gunther’s life (this being a very extreme example of it), and also – yes – to get him to be utterly comfortable in his own skin (you’ll see why later on in the story). There was also a hint of Valois’s mild humiliation kink going on there, but more in the sense that he loves to see Gunther blush and squirm when he’s told to do things he finds embarrassing, rather than out-and-out making him feel bad.

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