Chapter 21: Transform

The clock in the hallway ticked – an inexorable, reassuring constant – and Gunther latched onto the sound in the otherwise eerie, dark silence of the house. Between that and the warm hand still against his skin, he managed to keep the worst of his fears at bay.

And then, just a few minutes later, he heard the clock’s mechanism begin to wind up to strike twelve. It wound and wound, and then… stopped.

The silence was almost unbearable; heavy and oppressive. He couldn’t even hear Valois breathing, and he realised he was holding his own breath, too.

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  1. I miss the bookkeeper. Happy times must end for Gunther!

    This isn’t exactly word for word what I said at first but I couldn’t remember and I wanted to leave a comment.

    • Thank you, and I’m sorry about the 403 errors you kept getting. On looking them up, it seemed the only way to get rid of them was to disable that specific plugin. I still have your original comment open in the tab, so I’ll paste it here (I just didn’t want to do so as a comment from me; I’d rather make sure you could post again first!) –

      Having a nice happy time with this Valois and all but I kinda miss the bookkeeper. Happy time must come to an end for poor Gunther! I’m guessing that before this is all over, Gunther will be perfectly fluent in French.

      And, in answer to that: yep, it’s all happiness and love and stuff, but bad stuff is always around the corner (this is totally not me rubbing my hands together and going “MUAHAHAHAAAA!”, you understand *cough*) for poor Gunther. I can’t promise anything, but you might well see the bookseller and rockstar versions of Valois again before the story’s done. I need to figure a way to bring them back in, and bookseller could be the turning point that I need for a HUGE upset that I have planned in the future ;)

      • A HUGE “upset” or “update” because either word is fine. I’d love to see the bookseller hugely upset Gunther in an update :P I had actually save what I typed on my Chromebook with LibreOfficer Writer but now I can’t find it. I’m using Ubuntu and I can’t use word.

  2. o.O I wonder why the phone calls and everything started showing themselves to Gunther at this moment… Perhaps because Valois got what he wanted for Gunther, the immortality, so he felt like it was okay for Gunther to resume the other part of his life? Curious…
    I love that pose where Gunther’s laying on the pillow with his eyes closed, hand on the pillow, and Valois is on top kissing him on the cheek. ^_^ So sweet. Valois looks so cute sleeping with that adorable smile on his face too. :D

    • I know that you’ve now read in chapter 22 Valois’s reasons why the phone suddenly charged itself up, so you can see that it came as just as much of a surprise to Valois as it did to Gunther! It actually put the kibosh on his plans to keep Gunther in France for a lot longer, so he wasn’t too happy about it.

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