Chapter 22: Confession

Had Gunther not been so distracted by worry about what had happened at home, he would have noticed that Valois was very quiet indeed. Though he helped Gunther to pack his things, arranged the airline tickets, booked a cab to take them to the airport, and sat with Gunther through the interminable wait to board, he barely said a word. Instead, he offered an occasional squeeze of Gunther’s hand or a kindly smile, but something was definitely wrong.

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  1. Aww, there was no Valois in this chapter. That doctor seems to know a bit about their relationship. He doesn’t appear to be fooled by the airs Gunther and Cornelia put on. Hmm. More Valois! :P

    • LOL! Fret not; the whole first half of the next chapter is ALL Valois, being his usual manipulative self :p

      Many doctors – especially those in general practice – are trained to spot not only physical issues but also emotional ones. Dr Hoffman had, I think, already surmised quite a bit about their relationship before Gunther even arrived at the hospital. Wife living alone (and very likely insane) and husband temporarily living in another country with a mysterious ‘carer’ doesn’t bode well for any relationship. However, he’s going to come in very useful for a certain red-haired bloke ;)

  2. Hmm, I suppose Cornelia’s choosing to not have her memories of Ysabell wiped is now going to kick her in the ass considering people now think she’s mentally unstable. I think she’s lucky that she chose the name Ysabell, since it was the name they were going to give Mortimer and they chose not to know the sex. It seems like it does fit in with the regression thing Dr. Hoffman was talking about. LOL, everything’s fallen so neatly into place somewhat. I wonder what the ruling of the cause of the fire will be…

    • Well, y’know, with his ability to slip through time it’s not difficult for Valois to influence things one way or the other. Caveat: when he wants to ;) (Because that’s very important. Sometimes he could change things, but he chooses not to.)

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