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Well, I’ve had some pretty bad news. Two lots of bad news in less than an hour, in fact.

First of all, my hard drive is failing. It’s been giving me boot errors for about a week, and I keep having to open up the tower and re-seat the plugs before it’ll be recognised in BIOS. After running SeaTools on the drive, it came up with a FAIL message, so I contacted the company who built my gaming PC and it’s still under warranty, so the drive is covered.

So then I had to back everything up before I prepare to remove the drive and send it off for replacement. That’s when I got the nasty shock that my brand new unopened (well, bought two years ago, so out of warranty, but unopened until now) 2TB backup drive… doesn’t work. Neither my desktop nor my laptop is even recognising it. I ordered a replacement mini-USB cable, just in case it was that, but I now need to go out and buy a new backup drive anyway because I have over 200GB of data on this PC, and that would take up something like 50 DVDs if I used those. And, with the way I’ve been getting these boot errors, the drive is on borrowed time and I don’t think I can wait for the new cable to arrive. I guess that’ll teach me to check a new backup drive as soon as I get it, rather than waiting until my old one is full up.

So, for now, I’m burning my most essential (as in, I’d cry if I lost them) files to a few DVDs, and then I’ll have to walk into town after work tomorrow to get a new backup drive. Whatever happens, I’m going to be without my game for a good week or two once the drive is sent away. I do have a slightly older PC that’s perfectly serviceable, and I’ll hook that up in the interim, but it won’t have any CC on it so I’ll be unable to play the game to take screenshots.

I’ll still be able to write, and I may just install the base game and EPs via Steam, so I could build some homes and suchlike to upload, but once that hard drive goes off, my story will have to go on hiatus until I not only get the new drive back and installed, but I’ll then also have to reinstall all of my many, many gigabytes of CC.

I could cry right now :(

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  1. Man, what a major bummer. So sorry to hear that! Just when you got me hooked on your story, too. ;-) Reinstalling everything is such an arduous task. I don’t envy you. I’ve had to reinstall all my EPs, SPs, mods and a lot of store content, but no CC, thank goodness. Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you!

      I know. It’s making me pretty sad, but hopefully it shouldn’t take too long. Also, I’ve been wanting to reinstall all of my CC using CC Magic, but it was such a dauntingly-massive task. Now, though, I’ll be able to do so onto a clean new drive, so I’m rather looking forward to being organised (for once!)

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