Chapter 25: Safe

Gunther sighed, turning to face Valois. “I missed you. Why didn’t you come to the hospital?”

“I did.” Valois slid both arms around him. “They told me ‘immediate family only’ and so I went home. I knew you’d call me or come to see me when you were ready to.”

Gunther leaned against the inexpressible comfort of him, resting his cheek against Valois’s chest and closing his eyes. “I’m sorry. I should have called,” he whispered.

“You had your family to worry about, and then finding a place to live. Had you been alone, I would have offered you my home, but that would not have been fair to your son.”

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  1. We missed Valois just as much as you did Gunther! I love that we get to see them both interact again. How long were they apart since Gunther went to the hospital? I kinda wanted to hear the rest of the conversation Valois and Mort were having. Great job on the chapter :)

    • I missed him, too! I’d guess that they were probably only apart for two to three days, from the time they arrived back from France together, but Gunther felt his loss particularly keenly because he had to fend for himself again (note how, in the conversation with the doctor, shades of the old confident and self-reliant Gunther began to come out again) rather than having Valois care for him. Gunther will have gone straight to the hospital from the airport, been in to see Cornelia, slept there overnight, seen the doctor the next morning, and then Mortimer would have arrived late that night. Then, the next day was spent house-hunting and moving-in.

      I think Valois will be treading very carefully with Mortimer for a while. There’s been a large amount of upheaval in the past few days, and he needs to win Mortimer’s trust for one specific reason that I won’t divulge right now, so he’ll be the kind and loving boyfriend to Gunther for a while. Expect some domestic bliss and a lot of good lurvin’ while things settle down ;)

  2. “I could, but is that fair to her? Or to you and your son?” <– How selfless of Valois to "help" the Goths by letting the entire town believe that Cornelia has gone mad. If Gunther and Mort only knew the truth! Of course, Valois can get away with anything.

    Is it wrong that I mentally replace Gunther with myself in some of the photos with Valois? No, silly … not ALL of them … but the ones in this chapter, most certainly. :P

    • Oh, entirely selfless, of course! There’s not a selfish bone in his body, after all. *coughs and watches nose grow longer* If they only knew the truth indeed! Things will all come out in the wash, eventually, though – as my Nan always used to say ;)

      And mmhm, I don’t blame you for the mental photo-swap. Valois is pretty darn irresistible; in fact, it’s one of his traits!

    • That’s pretty much what it is, yes: a new life for father and son, with dad’s new boyfriend also in the frame. Mortimer’s natural curiosity and Valois’s shocking red hair broke the ice rather well! XD

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