Chapter 26: Acceptance

“Come on. Out with it, son. What’s really bothering you?” Gunther asked gently.

There was another long, painful silence.

“You love Valois, right?”

“Yes, I do.”

“And he makes you happy?”

“He does.”

“So why is he staying away? It feels like he’s avoiding me, or something.”

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  1. How sweet that Mortimer is concerned about getting in the way of his father’s happiness. Gunther must be relieved and, of course, thrilled that Mort has accepted Valois as a part of his life. (Me, too, because I’ll get to see more of Valois now.)

    The broomstick line cracked me up. Valois always knows how to press Gunther’s buttons. He’s a smart man, though, to bring a gift for Mort. His thoughtfulness will certainly win points.

    • Mort is so adorable. His life’s been turned upside down over the past year, so all he wants is a bit of security and stability. He can feel how happy his dad is with this new guy, so any reservations he might have had after being told about Valois have vanished upon meeting him (and yes, that gift helped!). He has an old head on young shoulders (gets along far better with people older than himself than with his peers; very much like me as a child!) but he’s only just into his teens so he still has that very childlike need for comfort and security. At some point, though, he’ll start to get all teenagerish ;)

      As to Valois, well you’ll be seeing a lot more of him (a heck of a lot more by the time we get to chapter 28, which was finished last night; that one is pure porn – hehe!) but oh yes, he knows exactly how to handle Gunther. In more ways than one ;)

  2. Aww, Mortimer is such a sweet kid! Him being sad because he thought Valois didn’t like him was pretty natural, but then when he said he didn’t need the space Valois and Gunther thought he needed, was just, oh so sweet. :) It goes to show sometimes the kid doesn’t need to be as protected as the parent thinks they do. I’m so happy Mortimer spoke up to Gunther about it. XD

    • He’s a remarkably prescient kid, really. Very mature and wise beyond his years. He’d far rather hang out with grown-ups than kids his own age (Esther excepted!) but he’s still an insecure little boy underneath. He’s right at that vulnerable age where he still worries things went wrong because of something he did or said, so he still needs cuddles and reassurance.

  3. I found this chapter vastly amusing and oh too sweet. I loved the interactions between the three men. It’s so thoughtful of Mortimer to be worried about his father and that he is so accepting of Gunther’s relationship with Valois. And as much as a small part of me wants to dislike Valois and blame him for his part in the Goth’s sorrows, I can tell he really does care for Gunther and is making an effort to comfort and care for Mortimer. It forces me like him despite myself, I suppose.

    • I love writing the chapters with Mort in them, because he brings such a wonderful, loving atmosphere to the home. Cornelia did her best with him, but it was Gunther who taught him to be open-minded and tolerant. Poor little Mort; he’s had such an upsetting year that all he wants is stability and happiness. He can see that Valois makes Gunther happy, so he’s made peace with his inner feelings about Dad’s new partner. He’s a good kid :)

  4. With the intensity of this story – both sexually and mentally – this chapter took me a little by surprise. It felt so ordinary. In many ways it’s so docile and human. It’s a little strange, but in a good way. It’s sweet to see Valois being so good to Gunther’s son. I adore Mort – even with the little amount we’ve been exposed to the boy. He’s a good kid – caring, sensitive, earnest – definitely a reflection of his father. Though (and I feel odd saying this, what with how Valois has dominated him so literally and figuratively throughout this story) I don’t sense that he’s as strong as his father is. Maybe it’s just the naivety of his age, but he seems a shattered soul.

    I seem to remember that he is a tortured soul though – unpopular and lonely in his school and painfully insecure at home…

    I am glad to see more of him anyway, and I do hope this time of peace lasts for a little while.

    • You’ve got Mortimer nailed in one there: he is something of a shattered soul, thanks to the way his mother treated him. Gunther adores his wee boy, and he feels horribly guilty for those months when Mort was away at boarding school and his own life was so tangled up with Valois that he didn’t realise what was going on. Now, he’s just determined to be the best damn father he can possibly be. Mort is growing up fast, but he’s never going to go through that awful “troubled teen” phase, purely because he’s had enough of what he calls “sad stuff” and all he wants is a happy and harmonious home life. He loves his art, he loves his girlfriend-who-isn’t-yet-official, he loves his dad, and he’s growing to love Valois. That’s all he needs :)

      As to whether the time of peace lasts for a little while… this is me you’re reading. Whadda you think? ;)

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