Chapter 27: Bliss

Gunther’s eyes flew open and he stared up at Valois, still silenced by that hand. Oh god, was that what Valois wanted?! No! No, he couldn’t do that!

Valois was looking down at him, smiling tenderly. “Your blood cries out for it, my beautiful one,” he murmured. “Only your mind rebels; your waking consciousness that simply must stay in control at all times. I am your safe harbour, mon cœur. The ship of your soul can rest easy against mine.”

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  1. I have to wonder — is Valois really a good cook, or is he adding a dash of magic to his spaghetti bolognaise? Either way, he’s ingratiating himself with Gunther and Mort. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, after all. :P

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Valois wants to collar Gunther. Given their current relationship, it seems like a natural next step. Gunther is afraid to give in too much to Valois’ dominance and yet he clearly craves it. What’s with this “to be continued” business? You were just getting to the good part. *pouts*

    • I actually think Valois is a pretty good cook, purely because – given how long he’s lived – eating the same things all the time would get very boring, so I suspect he’s read a lot of cookbooks and experimented with various meals. But yes, I think that a pinch of magic got into that bolognaise at some point. He knows he’s got Gunther hooked, but he needs to ensure that Mortimer is very much on his side, too. What better way to do that than to be the perfect stepdad-type?

      Gunther’s big problem, with regard to the whole collaring issue, is that he’s something of a control freak. Not in a bad way, but think back to his obsession with how the townsfolk view him. He has pretty much worried constantly about that since he met Valois and started visiting him that first time around. He has a very high reputation in the town, and – of course – keeping his own self-control was the only way he could deal with Cornelia, too. So he had a very tight rein on that, and he consequently has a real fear of just letting go. Valois is taking things slowly, but constantly pushing Gunther past his comfort zone just a little bit each time.

      And yes, I know. I’m a bad person for stopping it there. You won’t mind so much when the next chapter comes out ;)

  2. Gunther kind of freaked out a little bit there, didn’t he? LOL. I don’t blame him, not everyone likes collars and chains. For a bit of random sex sometimes in that fashion is do-able, but I wonder, did he think Valois wanted him like that for every sex session?

    • He freaked out, yes. Mainly because he’s been dreaming about that kind of thing for a long time, but he’s too scared to actually try it. And yes, he did think that Valois was going to suddenly reveal himself as some rabid kinkster who wanted whips and chains for every session! XD

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