The Devil is a Gentleman

I’m releasing this a day early, since tomorrow is my normal story update day and I don’t want to release two stories on the same day.

To that end: The Devil is a Gentleman is my Simblreen treat for you this year. What you’ll get, when you click the link, is the prologue and introductory chapter to this vampire tale featuring fanged variants of my favourite male Sims: Valois, Gunther, and Tenebra.

Rinse from your brain all remembrance of how they are in The Madness of Mr Goth, because this story is a completely different beast altogether. It’s based on a vampire novel that I wrote two decades ago (yeah, I’m old), and I’ve adapted it for illustration with Sims 3.

Click here to read and then please return to this post if you have any feedback.

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    • Thank you so much! This story won’t update as frequently as The Madness of Mr Goth, as it’s a side-story and TMoMG is the one I’m currently focusing on, but there will definitely be another chapter out soon :)

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