Chapter 28: Want

WARNING: Graphic sexual content in this chapter.

Gunther slowly rose to wakefulness as the early fingers of the dawn began to light the shaded windows behind the bed. He wanted to stretch, catlike; so satisfied with the deep, well-fucked ache of his body was he, but Valois was nestled up against him and he was loath to wake his lover from such a sound sleep. At least, not yet. He wanted to lie awake and savour this feeling for a little longer before he begged for more.

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  1. Hello! I can comment, yay! Just want to say how amazing this story is and it’s really inspired me to dig deeper with my storylines, make my characters 3 dimensional with real human flaws.

    I part of me is hoping the little Goth girl (hehehe) makes a reappearance in the future.

    Looking forward to a long steady supply of chapters!

    • Yay, comments! Sorry about that. My security plugin developed a mind of its own and decided to stop a load of people from posting legitimate comments. It must’ve had spammer paranoia!

      Thank you so much for that lovely compliment. I think it’s their flaws that make people interesting, because without them all you have is perfect humans, and – apart from the fact that nobody is perfect! – that just comes over as so… bland and, quite frankly, boring. Where’s the excitement in perfection?

      Yes, that little Goth girl will be making an appearance much later on in the story. I’m not sure when, at the moment, but I’ve already plotted out the ending and she’s included in that, so you will see her again.

  2. You almost had me fooled that Valois was going to be sweet for an entire chapter. Gunther was being such a good boy, and Valois was quite happy with him. He can’t resist pushing Gunther’s boundaries, though. Of course, if Mort woke up and saw them through the open bedroom door, it would be Gunther’s fault for being disobeying Valois. Valois would certainly not be at fault for opening the door and giving Gunther “reasons” to be noisy. ;-)

    • Well, Valois can’t have you thinking he’s slacking, now can he? ;)

      And, if Mortimer had seen them then that would have been punishment enough for Gunther, even though Valois would (for Mort’s sake!) make sure he forgot what he saw. Just the vision of his son seeing him doing the nasty like that would remain with Gunther in his nightmares! For some reason, he wouldn’t mind if Mortimer thought he was the top – or if anyone else thought that – but he’s still struggling with that control-freak issue of his, and his obsession with his public reputation, so for anyone to find out that he was not only a bottom, but deeply submissive… that would really go hard for him.

      • First, sorry for the ‘being disobeying’ in my comment. I changed my mind from ‘being disobedient’ to ‘disobeying’ and didn’t catch the error. The control freak in me hates that! ;-)

        So, yeah, I can relate to Gunther’s control-freak issues. It didn’t occur to me that being caught by Mort would be less of an issue to Gunther if he was the top/dom in the relationship. Makes perfect sense if you’re looking through Gunther’s eyes, though. How anyone would come to that conclusion even just seeing Valois and Gunther together casually is beyond me, however. Valois radiates authority and is clearly the alpha male.

        • Hehe, not a problem. I’m not sure if you can edit your comments, but if you can, please feel free to do so!

          I think most people would, as you said, notice the subtle power difference between Valois and Gunther, yes. The only reason that Mortimer wouldn’t is purely because of his young age.

          However, if a situation called for it (let’s say, if they were out and Valois was Gunther’s ‘plus one’ at a business-related event), then Valois would very likely rein in his natural authority and simply be the loving partner. He understands that, when it comes to Gunther’s public life and career, there have to be boundaries. That’s not to say he wouldn’t push things sometimes, though (and he will do, very shortly *evil grin*).

          • I had to comment on this. When writing my little side story about Tony, I struggled with the power dynamics of a m/m relationship. I think there is this natural need to make the male of a traditional relationship, the dominant one, and that’s such a mistake. It’s even harder when both are the same sex.

            For me, looking at my two characters, I think the immediate assumption is “might makes right,” but the moment you see them interact, you know that Tony is most definitely the bottom.

            Question for you: was it instinctive for you when writing them? Because when I first saw Valois, I thought, “awe, he’s so adorable.” (Clearly I was delusional.)

            PS, so…they start dating – as a couple?? and I can’t see Valois being the loving partner, no matter what the situation. Does he even have that in him? I can see the rocker doing that, because he comes off as a young, more relaxed version of Valois, but the other two? Not so much lol.

          • Agreed, it’s never as cut-and-dried as that. In the earlier chapters, I make quite prominent mention of the fact that Gunther is very dominant (especially so in the chapter after he first spent the night at Valois’s place and tried to top him in the kitchen the morning after). Valois *appeared* to submit then, but if you read closely, he was actually only giving Gunther the impression that he was submitting. And he made Gunther all-but beg to draw on his skin; and begging is something that Gunther wasn’t used to at all.

            I think the dichotomy of Valois’s beautiful, cherubic face and his dominance is what makes him so interesting to me (and, I think to others). He’s the archetypal wolf in sheep’s clothing. On seeing him, one might think he was the bottom in the relationship, and Gunther – the all-powerful and dominant businessman and CEO – was the top.

            I will admit that I have a thing for powerful men needing to be able to let go and give it up to someone else. I’ve written them before; that need for the safety net, the ability to let the pressure go and simply *be* – headspace or not. Gunther’s latent submission is interesting, too, because it had already been nurtured by Cornelia, although less in a sexual way and more in a general dominance-of-life way.

            Valois *can* be the loving partner, but it’s going to take time for him to settle into that. There’s a reason why he twisted Gunther around so mercilessly, confusing him and making him think he was going crazy (hence the story title). None of Valois’s past lovers had been willing to give up their lives for eternity with him as he was, so he developed the multiple personality tricks to make them cling to the ‘normal’ version of him. Trouble is, there’s only one thing that’ll happen with that: a huge backfire, IF and when the lover in question finds out what was done to him.

            Also, rockstar and bookseller ARE Valois. They’re just different faces and guises of him that he used to get Gunther to miss the true Valois. (That’s kind of why I can’t bring either of them back, because they’ve served their purpose now.)

            Thank you for this lovely pile of comments, btw. I’ve had some shitty news today, and answering these has taken my mind off it :)

  3. How nice for Valois that Gunther is starting to understand that him looking all flustered is what Valois wants. LOL. I would say it’s really risky of them to have sex with the door open, but knowing what I know about Valois, that’s less of a concern. XD

    • Hehehe. The door being open was the whole point. Valois is playing with Gunther’s emotions, wanting him to feel uncomfortable and unsettled because that makes him vulnerable. If Mortimer had suddenly woken up/got up, Valois would have made sure he fell straight back to sleep again. But maaaybe not before Gunther heard him moving around ;)

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