Chapter 30: Out

“I had to come into work,” Gunther said quietly, realising he was probably wearing a hole in the rug. He sat down and sighed. “I… Shit, I don’t want to do this.”

“Wait one moment and I will be there. I can all-but feel the tension bleeding off you down the line.”

“I need some help, yeah.” Gunther was horrified to hear that come out as a whimper. Since when did he cower at the thought of telling potentially bad news to someone? “I gotta tell Nick… I gotta… fuck. I have to come out at work, Valois. I don’t know if I can do this!”

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  1. So I’ve read this twice since I woke up this morning. I just knew Nick would be cool! And that explains how all those people left the party!

    It just occurred to me that not only did Gunther cheat on his wife with a man, but he cheated with a younger man! (I mean, relatively speaking…)

    Poor Cornelia…erhm, what the hell am I saying?!

    ANYWHO…love this chapter. I could do with a scalp massage even though I hate people touching my head (unless they are my hairdresser, than that’s different).

    Sorry, I have a cold and I’m feeling a bit delirious and long winded. Which is odd because I can barely speak above a whisper today.

    Okay, I’m done.

    • ‘Relatively-speaking’ is right – heh! Valois presents as 26, but we know he’s a lot older than that. As to Cornelia, yeeeaah, like anyone is truly sorry for her. *g* What Valois did was evil, but in his eyes he gave her a choice: let him take away the memory of her daughter, or keep the memory and go mad. He’d just shrug and say it was her decision.

      I know what you mean about the hairdresser scalp massage. When I get my hair washed at the salon the 5 minute massage I get is absolute heaven. I’m almost wriggling with happiness! :D

      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. *pokes Valois to see if he has a cold-removal spell up his sleeve* (Get better soon!)

      • Oh oh oh!! Tell Valois that whatever potion he concocts, I’m so ill he’ll have to come rub it all over my chest for me because I’m *cough cough* in really bad shape.

        Sidenote: Has he ever been into women?

        • I’m getting the raised eyebrow over here – lol! He informs me that his spells don’t need rubbing in; they work perfectly well from a distance :p

          And no. Valois identifies as gay. No interest in women whatsoever, although he can appreciate the beauty of a woman (hell, he even told Cornelia she was beautiful enough to find another mate). However, he has no desire to get his freak on with any of them. *g* His rockstar persona probably flirted with women (fan-service, after all), but was openly gay, too.

  2. Its good that Nick was cool. In the game he kinda seems like an asshole. I like your Nick better. I’m slightly confused as to how he immediately knew that it was Valois though. Could have been anyone really. Also, I agree that Valois looks good in casual clothing cause hes usually in some sophisticated outfit/suit. Although, he looks good in anything… and nothing.

    • I agree, re: Nick in the game. He always came across as a bit of an arsehole to me, too. With regard to the party, it was yearly, invite-only, and limited to Gunther’s close friends and acquaintances, so – to Nick – the only newcomer to the regular crowd was the handsome red-haired young guy who had clearly gatecrashed, but who was so pleasant and personable that he swayed everyone there around to liking him.

      I wish there was more male clothing out there that suited Valois’s elegant style. The suits that he normally wears are part of a gorgeous set by IreneGouret on TSR, but even with his casual looks he has a certain elegant style. Only the rockstar version went all-out with anything and everything (and Valois probably found that both amusing and slightly disconcerting, as nobody feels comfortable wearing clothing that’s outside their usual style). Agreed, though, on him looking good in nothing. I don’t think anyone would argue that point ;)

  3. *Eats her own words from Chapter 29 comments*

    Soooo, Nick’s a cool cat, not the egocentric bigot I had assumed he’d be. Atta-boy, Nick! I am pleasantly surprised and happy to be wrong. It must be a major relief for Gunther to have Nick’s support going into the upcoming board meeting.

    I must agree with TheGYouLoveToHate, Valois does, indeed look good in anything, and especially nothing at all. ;D

    • Heehee! Yep, Nick’s a cool cat. Gunther will have enough problems to deal with soon enough (in the very next chapter, actually!) so the last thing he needed was for Nick to be a bit of a wanker ;)

      And hmm. I’ll have to persuade Valois into doing a nude shoot at this rate.

      Valois: Huh? WHAT?! *legs it*


  4. LOL, I’m glad Nick’s reaction was a positive one. Valois’ mind reading skill really helped Gunther out here, that was cool. However I can’t help but wonder if Nick was slightly manipulated to accepting Valois by way of Valois’ magic… I know Valois said no magic needed here since Nick already knew that Gunther was having marital problems… I want to give Nick the benefit of the doubt, though, but Valois is so manipulative I don’t know if I can trust him. LOL.

    • Nick is actually cool with it. Valois didn’t need to use his magic, though he was standing ready just in case. He will be needing to use it when Gunther comes out to the board of directors, though ;)

  5. That was easy. I’m glad that Gunther has more people in his life then he has believed. It seemed that he may not have been all alone as he thought. I’m glad for that, and I’m glad that he’s coming back to these people now that he’s… moving forward… There’s no real good way to put that.

    I’m interested to find out what Nick plans to do to take the luster out of the news from the smut mags. He seems a bright guy, and I trust him to take care in the handling of something and someone close to him.

    I’m really curious right now about Valois’ mind reading abilities. I noticed him make Gunther forget about realizing how Cornelia must feel – and connecting that Valois’ magic could do that to Mort… But, I would have thought possessive (and insecure – if buried deep-deep very deeply : think Typhoeus deep – under manipulation and control) would have probably blocked the flippant thought about Natalie. I KNOW he wouldn’t like Gunther thinking about the possibility of being with someone else, even if he didn’t want for the possibility at all. It probably would have broken some of Gunther’s hard-earned trust too. (I don’t even mean the sexual trust either – I mean the trust Valois has in HIM).

    :Sigh: Seriously though. I need sleep!!! Now that I’m getting up for work in the wee hours I just can’t do this 1am stuff any more!! Why do you torture me so!!

    *Yeah – we both know I love it. But it ruins the effect if I don’t pretend ;)

    • It felt more realistic for it to be easier than Gunther assumed it would. We’ve all been in those situations where we’ve dreaded doing something and it’s turned out to not be as bad as we initially thought. Overall–his soon-to-be-ex-wife excepted–Gunther has attracted good people into his life simply because he, too, is Good People (as Natalie once called him). Nat’s actually very observant (one of her witchy skills) because she noticed that Gunther inspires people to be protective of him. Although she couldn’t identify it as such, what she’d sensed was the vulnerability of his submissive nature. Most people in Gunther’s life who simply know of him as the hard-headed businessman, the philanthropic public figure, etc., never even get close to appreciating that vulnerability, but he inspires people to like him, and–whether they realise it or not–that is why.

  6. My grammar is so pro right now! :headdesk:

    I meant ” But, I would have thought the possessive Valois would have probably blocked the flippant thought about Natalie. ”

    The rest is coherent enough to pass as the mundane ramblings of a drugged-out-psycho. Either way, I suppose that’s par for usual for me. You are freaking amazing and definitely deserve a better stalker. I vow to deserve you. lmao (am I creepy enough to get you that restraining order yet. ;) )

    • Haha! No problem, re: the grammar. *hands over your Stalker of the Year award (then slowly starts backing away)* XD

      (Thank you so much!)

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