Photoshoot: Rocker Monthly – “Valois, as you’ve never seen him before”

WARNING: Behind the cut are NSFW images, including full-frontal male nudity.

Further to the previous post, since Rockstar!Valois has re-appeared, he’s managed to land himself on the cover of Rocker Monthly, the most prestigious music magazine for Sims.

The December edition of Rocker Monthly went onto the shelves sealed in a plastic bag and sold out in record time. Those in receipt of a copy soon found out why, when they tore off the plastic…

VALOIS – As you’ve never seen him before

– “I thought I’d never tour again”
– “Band kicked my arse into gear”
– “I owe it all to one special guy”

He turned up for the photoshoot in a sharp suit, tattoos peeking out from beneath black frilled cuffs. But, as soon as he saw the bed that our photographer Jack had arranged, his eyes lit up and he stripped off faster than his new release went to number 1. We asked him where the hell he’s been (rehab), what the hell he’s been doing (recording) and who the hell put that huge, self-satisfied grin on his face (he’s not telling).

Larger versions here.

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        • Hehehe. Well, he wouldn’t do a nude photoshoot intentionally, anyway. I don’t know if you’re following my Tumblr, but there’s always this (click the images for full-size, as Tumblr has taken to re-sizing everything so that images are blurry now).

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