Photoshoot: Rockstar!Valois’s “Witch” album

A few weeks ago, I was playing around with the unlockoutfits cheat and came across the most GORGEOUS frill-cuffed suit. Valois made with the grabbyhands, so I did a photoshoot with him wearing it on Tumblr (seriously, I post a hell of a lot of Sims stuff on Tumblr, including previews for The Madness of Mr Goth and other stuff about Valois and Gunther that you never get to see here. Clicky here if you want in on all that stuff!)

Shortly after that, it was suggested (thanks, Taina!) that I “give it to the tattoo-wearing, gorgeous-as-sin rocker.” So, today, I did. I doubt that I’ll be able to bring him back into the story (Valois has no need for him any more) but that’s not to say he isn’t still around.

Here, for your delectation, are some snaps from the photoshoot for his new album – Witch – along with the final cover.

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  1. That IS a gorgeous suit, and it looks fabulous on Valois. (No surprise there.) Makes him look long and lean.

    I always love the close-up pics of Valois’s face, like the album cover and the unedited image right before it. There’s just something about his eyes that draw me in. They’re hypnotic. Pools of molten chocolate. And I’m a chocoholic.

    • I think it has to be the nicest EA-made male outfit available. The ladies got a load of gorgeous stuff (especially with Supernatural) but the hidden stuff for guys is so much better (all the higher-level music career clothing, for example). The fact that I could also disable gender clothing filters and also put him in heels, à la Prince, also helped with that long and lean look.

      His eyes ARE fascinating, yes! It’s odd how often they look brown, especially in distant shots, because they’re actually a very deep ruby red. Let your inner chocaholic think of red velvet cake, in that case ;)

      [ Two-minute microwave red velvet mug cake recipe here, in case you get a craving – lol! I love mug cakes. Quickest sweet fix you can get, outside of grabbing a chocolate bar or the cookie jar. ]

      • You always dress your men beautifully! I would never have guessed that Valois’s eyes are a deep red. Makes sense, I suppose, with the rest of his coloring. They mesmerize me either way.

        Red velvet cake is yum. Haven’t had any in ages, but the odds of me even making a mug cake in the microwave are pretty low. LOL. Hubby’s in charge of the cooking at our house, and baking’s not his thing. Thanks for sharing the recipe, though. Perhaps someone else will put it to good use.

        BTW, I checked out your Tumblr. I’d be following you, but I’m not a registered user. I tend to spend most of my time reading and have to remember to update my own blog as it is. Anyway, my point is — I have a GORGEOUS new wallpaper! *happy dances* I picked the same one as Taina because I have a lot of icons that clutter the left side of my screen. Now, every time I start up my PC or close out what I’m doing for the night, I get to see Valois’s gorgeous face looking at me. He makes me smile. Every. Single. Time. So, thanks for that! :D

        • Aww, thank you! It’s hard to find really nice clothing for guys, and I have two or three go-to creators who make the kinds of things that I’m happy dressing my male Sims in.

          Ha! Give that microwave mug cake a go! It literally takes about two minutes to make, and 1.5 minutes of that is the microwaving time! You can make two of those in half the time it takes to make a cup of tea ;)

          I’m so glad you like the wallpaper! Those are the first ones I’ve made in ages (I used to make a lot of graphics when I was active on LiveJournal in other fandoms, years ago) but I’ve always tried to keep the focus point of wallpapers to one side because I know many people have a lot of icons (unlike me; I have four – lol! – mainly because of pre-fetching that takes up a lot of resources when you start your computer, so all of my icons are in sub-folders on the desktop, where they won’t be loaded until I need them).

  2. What would happen if Gunther got a hold to a copy of Rockstar!Valois album and showed it to one of the other Valois’? What would his reaction be? Like, for the real Valois for example

    • You know, I’ve been pondering this for some time! How can Valois be out there touring and rehearsing with the band when he’s also busy manipulating Gunther?! I think, if Gunther did that, Valois would treat him to a long explanation of parallel splits in time and his ability to move through and outside of time. It would include a lot of physics, and we know that physics makes Gunther’s eyes glaze over ;)

      • And if Gunther caught Valois when he was not in the mood to be so nice? Would it go something like … “Gunther, mon coeur, why must you always question me so?” Gunther looks at Valois sheepishly and Valois points to the floor near his feet, saying sternly, “Knees.”

        You said “manipulating Gunther,” and my mind wandered. Oopsie. Did I say that out loud? ;)

        • “Knees” would be for general everyday use. It would more likely be a simple, sharp, “down” which Gunther would swiftly learn meant to get on his knees with his hands clasped together behind him and then fold forward until his forehead was touching the floor. Good job he’s flexible ;)

          By the way, in case you came directly to the comment page and didn’t see the main blog, the new chapter went live this evening, a day early, as I’ll be busy for much of tomorrow. Wasn’t sure if you’d spotted it on the main page of the blog ;)

  3. Mmm… that outfit is one of my favorites in the game. It just looks good… on anyone. XD I did miss seeing Rockstar Valois tattoos in this photo shoot, but it’s ok, the suit made up for it.

    • Oh god, I know. I almost freaked out when I first put it on Valois and realised how gorgeous it looked on him. But yes, it looks great on anyone! There are very few pieces of original EA clothing content that I’ll always use, and that suit is one of them.

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