Chapter 31: Enough

“Just a few questions, Mr Goth. Nick Fergus from the Sunset Valley Scoop. I found it very interesting that you’ve managed to dispose of two rich wives now. Any comment to make on that?”

Gunther went cold. “What did you just say?”

“One rich wife in the grave, the other in the nuthouse. Oh-so-convenient, wouldn’t you say? How much do you stand to profit from Mrs Goth’s committal?”

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  1. Poor Mr. Goth! That bastard Nick needs to die. I hope that’s what your plan is for that scumbag.

    ::shake it off, Taina, shake it off::

    Poor Gunther…when Valois gets his hands on you again…watch out! It’s going to be torture (but you know, the good kind) – one hopes.

    Loved this chapter but it was too short…I want more!!

    • Well, if he died that would be a little bit awkward to explain, so Valois is going to make sure he regrets ever laying a finger on Gunther… in other ways. Inventive ways ;)

      Poor Gunther indeed. His life is shattering around him, and who is there left to cling to? Yuh-huh, that’s right, and cling he will. *evil grin*

      (Incidentally, I’m loving the fact that many of my readers don’t know when Valois is being genuine or not. At times he really is, but with his twisty behaviour it’s hard to tell. I always know whether he is or not, but half the time I want to say, “Hey, actually he means this!” and half the time I want to keep perpetuating the confusion – hehe!)

      It was short, yes. Sorry about that. That was the natural end point of this one, because if I’d carried on to the next natural stopping point I’d have been most of the way through Chapter 32 as well!

  2. He could easily call his lawyer and Valois. Its like he keeps forgetting that he can mentally talk to him whenever he needs to. Quite handy when you think about it, but still a little intrusive. I already looked at the spoiler so I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen and I can’t wait! It might be a little strange but I enjoy spoilers. Books, television shows, movies, fanfiction, etc. Knowing a little bit of what’s going to happen makes me want to read/watch it more to figure out how it got to that point and get the experience for myself. It hypes me up :P

    • Yes he could ‘call’ Valois, and he kind of did (without consciously realising it) as he was sitting in the holding cell. However, the stress of the whole day, from the worry about the meeting with Nick Alto, then the fight and getting arrested, the fact that he’s not eaten and is getting a stinker of a migraine (I’ve always suspected he was prone to those when he forgets to eat, and they can really knock you for six, as well as messing up your normal thinking) – all of that combined has just made him fall back on what he knows: you get one phone call and that should be to your lawyer.

      The spoiler image isn’t quite what you’ll see at the end of Chapter 32, but it is sort of what happens. It’s one of the two images that I took so I could create the composite that is the end result. It’s hard to explain without giving it away, but basically what you’ll see is what Valois sees, not what is actually there. (And I think I just gave it away anyway – lol!) I do know what you mean, though, because I’m exactly the same with spoilers. I find they actually increase my anticipation and enjoyment, and – as you said – they make me want to figure out how that point was reached.

  3. Ah, dear Gunther … one step forward, two steps back. His partner Nick is surprisingly suppportive, and then he gets blindsided by the reporter/paparazzi Nick and ends up in jail. I’m glad Gunther knocked his lights out. He deserved it. (You did a great job with Gunther’s bruises, BTW.)

    Valois “owns” Gunther, and there’s no way he’s putting up with anyone (other than himself) causing his lover mental anguish or physical pain. There will be hell to pay, no doubt. (Grab some popcorn, readers!) Gunther is bound to be distraught over any additional harm coming to Nick, even though he’s a bastard. Should be interesting!

    • I’ve been pondering over exactly how Valois can pay Slimy Reporter Guy back for what he did to Gunther, because yes he is very possessive over his boy. HIS boy. He’s gone through hell and high water and even bargained with Death to get Gunther immortality so that he has company through his endless existence, so touching what’s his is a no-no. Damaging it? *shakes head* We’re about to see a very nasty and vindictive side to Valois. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, as the saying goes ;)

      As to Gunther being distraught if anything happened to Slimy Reporter Guy…

      “Oh god, they’ll think I killed him to shut him up! They already think I had someone set fire to the house to kill Cornelia! Oh god, Valois! What am I going to DO?!”

  4. Wow, what an asshole reporter. Sheesh. I’m guessing he doesn’t work for one of the classier journalism establishments… since he was spinning the story to be some sort of gold-digger fable. I’m not entirely sure that I wouldn’t have responded the same way Gunther had LOL. Those kinds of reporters will just pester you until you either tell them the story they’ve come up with is completely true, or are removed by force.

    On the plus side, Valois looks like he is more upset about what happened to Gunther than at Gunther, so that’s good.

    • Oh, Valois is absolutely furious that someone touched and hurt his boy. I almost wrote a chapter wherein he ensured that tabloid hack got his terminal come-uppance.

  5. I know the legal system doesn’t agree, but I feel like that was the right thing to do. I know it’s more profitable to assume the worst possibility, but without even looking into it at all?! The truth is Gunther has had some serious tragidy in his wedded life and how dare he throw that pain back in his face with those insinuations!

    It was actually kinda sweet that Valois flew into a protective rage. I’m kinda glad he didn’t find out who hurt Gunther… :shiver: I’m not sure I wanna find out what he would have done to the guy.

    Omg. Spectacular writing as usual. I am going to have such a hard time working knowing that I have like a half dozen more chapters before I’m caught up again :D

    • Thank you so much!

      Hehe. I did actually plot out what Valois was going to do to that sleazy reporter guy, but I figured it would probably come back onto Gunther when the bastard was found dead on the edge of town, even though it was going to look as if he’d keeled over from a heart attack while out jogging ;)

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