Chapter 32: Security

Valois smiled down at him, his hand sifting through Gunther’s hair. “The day that I saw you, you reached out to me. You didn’t know it at the time, nor was it a physical thing. But, in the Veil through which all magic works, you reached out and begged for help.”

“I… I didn’t know that.”

Mon cœur, how could you know? You were so lost, turning around and around in your head, buried in endless emotional pain. I spent sleepless nights trying to think of a way that I – a stranger to the town – could introduce myself to you, until I heard of the party you always threw at that time of year.”

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  1. OMG Happy Thanksgiving to me!! And I am so grateful you posted this tonight!!!

    #yumyum lol FINALLY! Gunther has needed this for so damn long, I’m so happy he feels so safe and secure that he can accept this part of himself.

    So PROUD!!

    • *grins*

      I knooow. I’m proud of him, too! (In all honesty, I was torn between sniffling and beaming when I was writing this chapter.)

      I hope the final image came across okay. After the teaser I posted on Tumblr, I was worried that people would expect to see the real, leather collar. What they’re actually seeing is what Valois sees: the collar of his will, in the Veil. I took two shots (one with the collar, one without) and composited them together, after using some filters on the collar image.

  2. I love this so much. He’s giving in. He’s completely giving in and I love it. All these beautiful images and poses of them just lying in bed talking. That right there is like the true form of intimacy. Also, what did Gunther mean by “Could he? Oh god, he could.” What did Valois do?

    • Valois has taken him so very gently and slowly, and now he’s like a ripe apple ready to fall from the tree into those pale hands :)

      I’m so glad I tracked down those poses (you’ll see more of them in the next chapter). I was worried that two whole chapters of talking in bed might be un-illustrateable, but I was pleased with the way they came out. I think my favourite three images are the one where Valois is leaning on one elbow and looking tenderly at Gunther (just as he says his love of caring for Gunther isn’t a platitude), the fierce way he holds Gunther as he reassures him that he didn’t target him, and the intensity of his gaze as he collars Gunther with his will.

      As to the “Could he?” thing, it was just Gunther’s wondering if he dared finally voice the words he’d longed to say for all this time, and call Valois ‘Sir’. (I suppose it might have been a little less confusing if I’d written it as an italicised thought: “Can I? Oh God, I can.”)

  3. You just gave me one more reason why I NEED Valois. He cures migraines? Mon Dieu. I could use some of his magic touch (and I’m not denying the double entendre there).

    Love the raw emotions that Gunther experiences in this chapter. Now that Gunther has finally accepted his submissive nature and trusts Valois implicitly, he and Valois can fully explore their dom/sub relationship. Should be interesting!

    BTW, in the comment response above, I love how you described Gunther as a ripe apple ready to fall from the tree into Valois’s pale hands. So appropo.

    • Double entendres are a given when it comes to Valois ;)

      It was a painful admission for Gunther, but coming to terms with something like that after having locked it away for many years out of fear of getting hurt; it was bound to bring tears and raw emotion to the surface. He’s still new to it all, and will struggle with a few things once Valois begins to train him in earnest (right now it’s as if he has his trainer wheels on – lol!) but there will be a lot of lovely exploring to do.

      As a sidenote, I fear I may have to immerse myself in pose-making, as most of the poses that I can see in my head are ones that I just can’t find to download. Having watched some videos of how convoluted that process is, I’m not looking forward to it! Those chapters may be a lot more text-heavy with fewer images, but I’ll do what I can.

  4. Ooh, creepy but comforting… that end part, that is. Now Valois puts the collar and cuffs on Gunther. LOL. The way you’ve written Valois is very interesting, I see the possessive nature of him coming out in more of a scary way when he’s dominating Gunther, while at the same time knowing that Valois does love Gunther. He’s not a possessive person as in the mean, jealous/abusive towards his partner kind of possessive, which is a redeeming quality of his, I feel.
    That part about destiny was romantic. When it’s right, you just know.

    • Thank you! Yes, he’s incredibly possessive, but he’s not mean or abusive (not knowingly, anyway; he’s manipulative and twisty, but he doesn’t consider that as being mean). He loves Gunther so deeply that he would kill (and I mean that literally) anyone who ever hurt him. Gunther, in turn, is so in love with Valois and so desperately in need of someone to take care (and control) of him, that he’s plunged headlong into all of this with his eyes wide shut.

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