Chapter 33: Peace

There is a mortal cliché; that of the ‘soul mate’. The Veil has its equivalent, and the only name you might understand for it is aeternus. It has many meanings but, to those that seek it, its definition is ‘eternal and everlasting’. Gunther is my aeternus, and I am his. He just… *sigh* He never fully understood it.

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(Short and sweet this week, but very important.)

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  1. Dinner you say? Oh boy, I know what’s coming up next. So I got this weird thought while reading the beginning. What would Valois do if Gunther somehow became a small child again? Like, some evil witch that didn’t like them decided to turn his love really young or something. Would he just raise him? There’s something about that idea that strangely interested me.
    Also this one had a lot of pictures with really great poses. I know your favorite is the one where their backs are arched, but I like the two where Gunther is crying and Valois is holding him really close while looking at him :P

    • You do indeed know what’s coming up ;)

      That’s an interesting thought, actually (where on earth did it come from?!) I think Valois’s initial instinct would be to simply twist time and make Gunther adult again. He’s powerful enough to do it without much effort at all, so it would probably be what he’d do without thinking. However, he might briefly entertain the thought of raising Gunther because that would allow him to imprint all kinds of things onto him. However, that would result in two problems: 1) Gunther would grow up with Valois as a father figure, and 2) while I’m happy to have adult characters being manipulated I would be deeply uncomfortable writing a vulnerable young child being manipulated by an adult. I know that others have written this kind of scenario very well, but it’s not something I would want to write. So I’ll say that Valois would twist time to make Gunther adult again.

      I loved that arched back image, yes, but my second favourite is the one you like, so it’s a close tie ;)

  2. Is Gunther aware that he is (or will be?) tied to Valois for eternity? The fact that their contract will be held by the Veil makes their dom/sub relationship permanent, right? No safe-wording your way out of the arrangement? That discussion will be interesting, no doubt.

    I’m assuming Gunther’s body won’t age. (“You will always be beautiful.”) Will Valois clue him in on that? I love how Valois got Gunther so hot and bothered that he forgot what day it was. I’m sure it won’t be the last time either. ;)

    Valois’s desire to see Gunther in stockings and heels always seems strange to me. If he was bi, I might understand it better, but since he prefers male partners exclusively, I don’t get it. So, Valois, not that you need to explain yourself to little ol’ me, but if you feel like enlightening me, I’d be interested in hearing your perspective on the topic. To each his own and all that. I’m just curious.

    • Valois has conveniently ‘forgotten’ to inform him of the important little fact of his immortality thus far ;) His greatest flaw is that, because of what’s happened in his past (lovers refusing him and walking away from him when he tells them the truth), this time around he’s actually too damn scared of losing Gunther to admit it to him. He swears blind that he’ll tell him right before the point of no return. Honest, he will! (But shh, don’t tell him I told you that.) *looks around, nervously*

      That the contract will be held in the Veil will indeed make it permanent, but there’s a failsafe in the fact that there are two contracts. If the real world contract is broken, then the Veil contract is held in abeyance. It still holds true, and will never be broken, but it can be held over indefinitely. Trouble is, it will always be there in the backs of their minds, driving them insane with the need to return to it.

      Gunther will never age, nope. And Valois promises he’ll tell him. Some day. Y’know, same day he tells him he’s immortal. *cough*

      OK, the stockings and heels thing is a combination of things. a) he’s pushing Gunther, to see how far he’s willing to go, b) you know by now that Valois has a very finely-tuned embarrassment kink (I hesitate to say ‘humiliation’, as that has negative connotations, but there’s a bit of that in there, too), and he knows that Gunther will blush like hell if he wears them, and c) gender doesn’t enter into the equation when it comes to stockings and heels, for him. He wouldn’t put Gunther in anything obviously ‘girly’ like a dress but if he can make Gunther feel vulnerable then he will, and teetering around on stilettos while wearing unfamiliar clothing items would certainly do that ;)

  3. Thanks for explaining! I totally get it now. It isn’t about seeing Gunther in stockings and heels that turns Valois on, per se. It’s more about pushing his boundaries into doing things that would embarrass the hell out of him … because he can … because Gunther is HIS boy and he has total and utter control over him … body, mind and soul. :)

    • Exactly! The piercings are another indication of that. He mentions that he’d like to join Gunther’s nose and ear piercings with a fine chain; well that’s similar to Indian bridal jewellery. Just another bit of ‘contract’ symbolism, as well as the (non-Indian; more cow-like!) connotation of the ownership of a creature by way of a nose ring. Believe me, Valois knows where he wants Gunther, and that’s at his feet, knowing he is property. Very much-loved property, of course, but still property. He’s kinda big on the whole ‘marks of ownership’ thing ;)

  4. That was really cool, that moment where Gunther was close to the Veil and he was able to talk to Valois with his mind. It reminds me of when a couple is so close that they can just sense what the other person is thinking just from their mannerisms. I half wonder if Valois was trying to inform Gunther indirectly about his immortality by saying stuff about the contract between them.

    • Gunther is getting a crash course in the strange and wonderful ways of the Veil. It’s going to confuse him, but like most of the weird stuff he’s been having to handle over the past year he’s going to deal with it by simply accepting it as it is and letting it happen. After all, this is a man who regularly had ghosts floating around his house at night and reading bedtime stories to his son XD

  5. This chapter was so damn perfectly timed. How do you do that? I feel like you (or more correctly – Valois as an extension of you as the narrator) is inside my damn head right now. It’s jarring – and makes me self-reflective as a reader… But, not in a bad way. Usually something that “broke the stream” of the story this harshly would take you out of it and give you pause – but somehow it just sucked me further in… :gush:

    I had just thought about how I thought he had lied to him – that I thought he had watched him as a boy. I decided it must have been a musing about his past, that he looked at it through the void or something.

    I can’t believe I had almost forgotten so much about this situation – the fact that he gave away Gunther’s child, and with it his mortality as well…
    I forgot that a past lover had killed themselves to escape Valois. It’s hard to imagine that – despite how manipulative and controlling he is – his charm and whiles wouldn’t lull a person forever…

    Perhaps it should be said in account of these talents I should be surprised…

    It’s so God Damned intriguing!!! :D

    Also – something that I have been lack to notice this whole time even though it should have struck me over the damn head – why is it that Gunther narrates so many chapters… Part of me is a tad concerned. Valois IS telling the story – and through the connection to the veil maybe he could tell you as if through his lover’s lips what happened between them – but I feel sort of distrustful of it now. Valois is an admitted liar…

    For the love of God the intrigue is going to kill me!!! lol

    • Thank you! Hm, it just struck me that this was the right moment for us to return to Valois’s narration. When it feels right, then it is right, so to speak *g*

      As to Gunther’s narration, well just remember that this is all in hindsight, and that Valois transcends time and death. It’s perfectly possible for him to travel back and observe (he can’t actually do anything once he’s in the past, because of cause/effect etc) everything from Gunther’s point of view, although that would require no small amount of effort on Valois’s part (as in: it would be the most complicated thing he’s done in centuries, and it would likely exhaust him for days).

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