Chapter 35: Pause

“You worry too much, mon cœur,” Valois murmured. “Of course, you think that your board of directors are what you call ‘fuddy-duddy’, hm? Old men in grey suits who will overlook your contributions to the company, the profits and sales that have soared under your tenure, the way that every member of your staff adores you and is motivated to do their very best… you think they will forget all of that and judge you solely on the fact that your lover is a man.”

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  1. *googles the word Gallic* “of or relating to France or French people; especially : typical of French people” Oh. Alright then. I like that Natalie and Valois get along so well. I like their conversations. I also really like how hes sitting on that desk. I like it a lot. I was hoping to see that one pose where Gunther stands on his tip toes to kiss Valois. Maybe later then. Great chapter! Can’t wait to see the meeting.

    • Hehe. The Gallic shrug is a very specific thing; an unconscious little one-shouldered hitch that accompanies conversation. And the etymology of the word ‘Gallic’ is from ‘Gaul’, which was the Roman name for France.

      Natalie gets along with most people (sleazy reporters excepted, of course!) and she’s going to keep cropping up throughout much of the story as the closest thing Gunther has to a best friend. You probably saw on Tumblr that she’ll be going to visit her mother soon, and learning some startling news about her boss ;)

      As to that pose, you won’t be seeing it until Chapter 37. I think you’ll really enjoy that chapter…

  2. What a pleasant surprise getting a chapter a day early! :D

    I have to agree with Gunther that Valois must’ve looked absolutely adorable flapping his hands in exasperation. He’s usually the epitome of control, so … unflappable. LOL.

    Valois and Natalie make great co-conspirators. Gunther has his hands full with those two. Luckily, they’re both on his side. I pity the person that crosses them.

    • Hehe! Well over the next couple of weeks, what with the holiday season being upon us, updates will likely change. Today will be busy for me as I have family visiting and my big Christmas grocery shop to do, then on Monday it’s down the pub with some ex-work colleagues for lunch, drinks, and exchange of gifts. Hopefully, after that I can settle down and devote my days to writing again.

      It’s a hint that Valois is finally feeling more secure in Gunther’s feelings toward him that he’s relaxing enough to do things like the hand-flapping. Thus far his self-control has been not a little bit influenced by the fact that he has been wary of showing too much of himself to Gunther; again, a relic of the bad experiences he’s had in the past, where he’s been far more naturally himself with other lovers that he thought he’d spend eternity with, but they never seemed to love him enough to be able to cope with his less-pleasant little quirks (such as his predilection for making them blush). Now that he knows Gunther really is ‘the one’, he’s finally beginning to relax a little.

      Sleazy reporter guy is really damned lucky that the cops got to him first about that dossier he was compiling on Gunther. It miiight not be the last time we hear of him, though. I did have something nasty planned for him and, although the story changed that outcome as I was writing it, that ‘something nasty’ would show a distinctly unpleasant vengeful side to Valois, and I really do want to explore that. Thus it might still appear in a few chapters’ time ;)

  3. LOL. Natalie and Valois’ friendship is too cute. I like that they can both bond over a shared affection for Gunther, without fighting about who’s spending more time with him and silly stuff like that. I love that Valois influenced the newspaper story just a little, hehe, and his points about all that Gunther’s done for the company were very valid points. I do think sometimes there are some places that do discriminate against gay employees (well, gay as in they’re having a relationship with a guy at the time, I know Gunther’s bi) :) so I think Gunther’s fears don’t come out of nowhere. At the same time Gunther is the CEO, so his position should hold more weight than those employees I mentioned, who might have been just regular employees, and not CEOs.

    • Natalie is a naughty little minx, so she’ll enjoy nothing more than making Gunther squirm when she’s joking around with Valois ;)

      Very good points about Gunther’s position, however his panic came from his already being in a worried mindset, partly due to the fact that his ability to fend for himself is being very slowly eroded by Valois’s wish to protect him and care for his every need, and partly due to everything that has happened up to him at this point (including the fire and arrest).

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