Happy Snowflake Day! from the Fulcanelli-Goth family :)

“Mort, what are you wearing?”

“Ugly sweater!” Mortimer beamed. “It’s traditional for family Snowflake Day card photos!”

“But you never wore one in previous years’ photos.”

“That’s ‘cause Mum wouldn’t let me. S’different this year. Valois said I looked great.”

Gunther looked over at Valois, who was setting up the camera on its tripod. “Oh, he did, did he?” he murmured with a grin. “Well, he looks pretty damn great himself, too.”

Valois smiled at him as he flicked the switch on the timer. “Places, s’il vous plâit!” he called, stepping back over to them and sliding both arms around Gunther’s waist.

“HAPPY SNOWFLAKE DAAAAY!” Mortimer yelled, sticking out his tongue and making a peace sign as the shutter clicked.

And that was the card that dropped on doormats throughout Sunset Valley a few days later.

Merry Christmas, readers <3

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  1. Valois asked for a another photo with just Gunther and himself. He said it was for good friends. I thought it was actually for himself and that he was just saying that but then I figured he would have just said that if it were the case. Valois has good friends?

    (I hope we get to see that one that Gunther wanted framed sitting on the desk in the story. That would be really sweet)

    • Aww, actually that little bit about the extra photo on Tumblr was for my readers. They were the good friends that he (and, by extension, me – since his name is my username) wanted the photo for. It was my little seasonal card for everyone who has read the story or followed me on Tumblr :)

      If I can find a desk photo mesh in the TS3 and expansion pack directories that I can open in TSRW I will definitely be editing a copy to include that shot. There is one that I can remember offhand, but it’s got a very ornate and flowery frame that really isn’t Gunther’s style. I’d like to figure out how to open custom meshes in TSRW, but that’s something I’ll need to look into another day, after I’ve reinstalled it on this newer hard drive.

        • Well, Valois certainly wouldn’t say no to having a picture just for himself. He has memories of his past lovers, but no actual photos. The ring that he always wears, though, does carry what’s left of them, as we saw with his royal lover nearer the start of the story.

    • Gunther doesn’t even know where it came from! I suspect a certain French witch may have ‘purchased’ it for Mortimer and given it to him as an early Christmas present, having seen him giggling at some TV presenter wearing just such an ugly sweater in the run-up to Snowflake Day ;)

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