Chapter 36: Fear

Gunther swallowed another mouthful of coffee, fixing his gaze on the two directors. “For obvious legal reasons, questions about one’s sexuality aren’t exactly included during the interview process,” he added softly, “but if I’d been asked all those years ago I would have told you that I’ve been bisexual all my life. I just happen to have – so far – been in two major relationships with women, and this time around it’s with a man.”

His words were calm and measured, but inside he was cold and shivering, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Either they’d accept this, or – combined with the divorce, the fight, and his subsequent arrest – he would be too much of a liability to the company’s name. Mr Pakefield was staring into his coffee cup, a muscle in his jaw working, but he said nothing.

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  1. Valois clearly used some magic on them right. How was would they be so cool about it. I mean, yeah Gunther is an awesome CEO at such a young age, but these dudes seem like that might be really old fashioned. The ” men should work, women should cook and clean, and marriage should be between a man and woman” type of old fashioned. Especially with the way Mr. Dixon looked at the end. I feel like it bothered them, just not as much as it would have if Valois wasn’t there. Unless I’m completely wrong. I await anxiously for your reply :P

    Also, how long have they been together now? It feels like a long time. Like years. Decades even. Especially since Valois was comfortable enough to make a silly face at Gunther to make him laugh (wish we could have seen that xD) and I read that last reply to Lily you made about how he only does cute things when he feels comfortable enough. I want to see him do more cute things cause we are so use to seeing this sophisticated, dignified person that its hilarious and fun see him do something different from his usual personality .

    Also, are you still enjoying the world of ASMR?

    • Oh, Valois was definitely using magic, no doubt about that. He knew the directors would be less than welcoming of Gunther’s big bombshell. Mr Dixon was mostly all right with it, if a little huffy, but Mr Pakefield was definitely NOT okay with it and Gunther sensed that – hence his panic. However, they’re both businessmen and they know it would be foolish to simply fire a CEO that’s brought such success to the company, especially after a revelation like that (because they know that he could – and would – sue their arses for both unfair dismissal and discrimination, if they did fire him). I think that, as much for business reasons as sneaky magic-casting from Gunther’s suite, that was why they both swallowed their prejudices and accepted it.

      As to how long Gunther and Valois have been together in the story, it’s actually only just over a year. They met in the autumn of the previous year (Gunther and Cornelia’s annual party was always in mid-autumn), and the longest time that had passed in a couple of chapters was the four months spent in France. The main thing about the story is how far and how fast Gunther has fallen, because it really has been quick. Valois’s comfort levels have a great deal to do with the fact that he’s now got Gunther to accept the collar of his will, and that Gunther has accepted it so completely. And Gunther, the poor dear man, is about to fall completely. New Year’s Eve is going to bring THAT chapter ;)

      (I haven’t actually explored any more ASMR since my initial discovery of it. Life’s been a bit ‘off’ here in the past couple of weeks – I’m almost caught up to where I’d written ahead again, because I’ve just been flaked out, both sick and ‘meh’ about things. So I need to set it aside a little longer while I get ahead again.)

  2. Gunther had been smart to bring Nick and Natalie in the loop early. Having them both in the room and on his side gave him a little extra boost of courage. Plus, Nick made it look like he was just finding out and it was a non-issue. Gunther had to know, though, that Valois would not allow the directors to say anything disparaging to him — not to HIS beautiful boy. Pakefield certainly seemed like the one who’d be most likely to object, given his body language. He must’ve needed a stronger push from Valois than Dixon did.

    I laughed at the way Pakefield asked Valois if he spoke English. Why do people do that? It’s the strangest thing. Even if the person can’t understand the words you’re speaking, they’ll still think you’re shouting at them. It’s a lose-lose. Luckily for Pakefield, Valois is way too sophisticated to point out his faux-pas. Nice comment about Valois being too young for Gunther, too (and, man, was he ever wrong). Pakefield just kept his mouth open so he could repeatedly put his foot in it. LOL. And don’t get me started on Nick’s ‘stamina’ reference. Lots of good chuckles in this chapter.

    Like TheG, I, too, like Valois’s playful side. I can’t even imagine how adorable he must be sticking his tongue out at Gunther.

    Ooh … something to look forward to for New Year’s Eve! Awesome. I’ll be home that night, and I think you’re 5 hours ahead of me. Maybe I’ll have a nice treat when I get home from work. :D

    • The directors were a complete hoot to write. Pakefield is your stereotypical English Colonial buffoon, and Dixon isn’t much better XD As for Nick, I swear he enjoys pushing Gunther’s buttons almost as much as Valois does!

      Hrm. I might do a photoshoot of Valois doing adorable things and put it on Tumblr.

      Valois: *looks askance* You damned well will not!

      Hehehe! Oh and yes. New Year’s Eve is a Wednesday, and I did consider making people wait until my usual Friday update day, but I figured that – since it’s a special chapter – I’d pull the update day forward so it comes as an end-of-year treat. That means there won’t be a Friday update, though (I’m not far enough ahead to offer two in one week, and anyway… Valois has just thrown me a HUGE curveball in the past hour as I’ve been writing, so the first chapter in 2015 is going to be a doozie).

      • I LOVE the Valois photos you put on Tumblr!!! THANK YOU! :D

        I’ve been lurking your Tumblr for a while now, but I’ve been unable to comment. It was one of the things that prompted me to join Tumblr, which I did just recently. So, now I can ‘like’ posts, but I’m still mute until they release the chains on my itchy typing fingers. *sighs*

        • Yep, Tumblr is the place to find me daily. The blog usually only gives updates on story chapters and other things relevant to the story. All of my side-arcs, random gameplay, and a LOT of other stuff about Valois, Gunther, and my other regular Sims all go on Tumblr. I think you have to be following a Tumblr account for either three or four days before you can send fanmail (which is like the private IM side of things) but I thought you could comment on posts right away? Maybe they changed something? I also have anonymous asks switched on, so if you need to ask me something before you can do so using your Tumblr name, you can go anon for now :)

  3. I think Pakefield responded pretty normally for a person who wasn’t sure he was okay with the news. He was polite, remained quiet, probably thinking about it, and then coming to the conclusion that as long as it doesn’t affect Gunther’s work, then he’s fine with it. I could still see Pakefield’s personal opinion through his actions, like he didn’t seem like he approved of male/male relationships, but he handled it quite well.

    I feel better for Gunther that he got this over with, it’s one less stress in his life now. Yay!

    • Yes, Pakefield doesn’t approve of “that kind of thing” but he knows that, professionally, he can’t fault Gunther’s behaviour and work ethic. His inner attitude did bleed through to Gunther, even though he didn’t actually say anything negative, which is why Gunther all-but collapsed after the meeting was over. Poor love; it just about wiped him out!

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