Deleted Scene: Home

You know how these work by now. No images; just text. This is a side-scene set after Gunther’s collaring but before the events of Chapter 38. It’s a small window into his life with Valois. This can be taken as canon for the story.

Park. Handbrake. Ignition. Breathe.

In the quiet of the car, its hot engine ticking as it began to cool, Gunther closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. God, what a day.

It had started with Natalie calling in sick. That was not a problem, for – although she was pretty much indispensible to Gunther – he could always manage for a day or two without her if he needed to. And it wasn’t as if she ever had much sick leave anyway. She was reliable as clockwork, bless her loyal heart.

But, ugh. The directors had insisted on foisting a work experience kid on him in Natalie’s stead. The boy was eager enough – possibly a little too much – and had been full of, “Yes, sir,” and “Of course, sir,” within minutes of walking into the office. But there the positive aspects of his presence had ended.

What hadn’t the kid broken thus far? The coffee machine refused to work after he’d poured ground coffee into the water reservoir. The projector in the boardroom had a broken arm after he’d knocked it onto the floor. Oh, and Natalie’s computer had been infected with a virus after Gunther had caught that little shit surfing dodgy gaming sites on it during his tea break.

With a sigh, Gunther opened the car door and heaved himself out into the cool evening air. It was a bloody relief to get home.

Close car door. *blip!blip!* Footsteps. Key in the lock.

There was Valois, sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. He didn’t look up as Gunther walked in, but then he never did these days. Unspoken rules and rituals now guided Gunther’s life. This was one of them.

Gunther placed his briefcase and car keys on the table and switched off his cellphone, adding it to the pile. With a quiet and careful tread he made his way into the bedroom and undressed, folding his clothes for laundry or a second wearing the following day. Then, picking up the two small boxes on the dresser, he took them into the living room.

Slowly, gracefully, he knelt at Valois’s feet, and – finally – the newspaper was folded and set down on the coffee table. A pale hand cradled his cheek and he turned his face to kiss the palm of it.

“Good evening, mine,” Valois murmured. “You look tired.”

“Work was stressful, Maître.” Gunther opened the larger of the two boxes and held it up.

Valois took the collar out of the box and laid it against Gunther’s throat. “Hm? Tell me about it,” he said, wrapping it snugly around Gunther’s neck.

“Natalie called in sick and I had to deal with a kid fresh out of school on work experience ‘helping’ me out. I think he’d broken about four things by lunchtime.”

With the collar buckle firmly fastened, Gunther held up the other box and – once Valois had taken out the cuffs – Gunther raised one wrist, resting it gently on his Master’s knee.

“We all must begin somewhere,” Valois reminded him as he fastened the first cuff around that slender wrist. “Education is a constant process.”

“Yes, Maître,” Gunther said quietly, offering his other wrist. “I’ll try to be more understanding of him tomorrow.”

“No.” The buckle was snug and Gunther’s hand fell back into his lap as Valois raised his face with a gentle finger under his chin. “You will not try, my boy. You simply will be more understanding. He is but a boy and he will learn from your example, hm?”

Gunther looked up into Valois’s eyes, suitably chastened. “Oui, Maître,” he whispered.

“Good boy.” Valois’s hand slid into his hair; a loving caress. “Take your place and find your peace for half an hour, and then we shall have dinner.”

Shifting onto one hip, Gunther rested against the side of Valois’s leg, curling one hand around his calf and the other around his ankle. Bending low, he pressed a kiss to the side of Valois’s boot before straightening and resting his cheek against Valois’s thigh and closing his eyes.

The newspaper drifted back onto Valois’s lap, brushing against Gunther’s face, but he didn’t mind. It was good to be useful, holding up one half of Master’s reading. And, oh god, it was so inexpressibly comforting to be home again.

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  1. Just another day at the Gunther-Fulcanelli home, eh? This is the first time Valois called Gunther “mine” as a name. Using Gunther’s face as a newspaper prop was certainly different. Interesting that not only did Gunther not mind, he considered it being “useful.” He sinks deeper into his submissive head space every day, doesn’t he?

    I wouldn’t mind taking Gunther’s place cuddled up against Valois’s leg, but you and I both know that my hands would never be still. Just. Too. Tempting. :P

    • It’s a slow and gentle fall for Gunther, and I’m almost sad that it had to be interrupted by events that happened in Chapter 38. Note I said ‘interrupted’ and not ‘stopped’ ;) And yes, he’s slowly beginning to understand that he can provide many small comforts for Valois that he never thought about before. ‘Newspaper prop’ is just one of them and he’s content in the knowledge that his Master is happy with his service. Also of note is the fact that, in his head, he’s beginning to think of Valois as ‘Master’ rather than ‘Valois’.

      Valois doesn’t want a slave (although I do have a pictorial side-arc which is far more like that, and where Valois is far more cruel; check the ‘Mine’ tag on the blog for that). He wants a loving submissive who will kneel contentedly at his feet, serve him in any way that he can, be obedient and respectful, and yet still also provide intelligent conversation. It’s a fine line to tread between keeping Gunther fully-submissive when they’re at Valois’s home and allowing him far more freedom when they’re at his own home. Gunther, too, has to adjust to wherever he is. One day he’ll be naked at Valois’s feet, kneeling to be hand-fed, etc; the next he’s coming home and bearing the responsibilities of a family and household.

      Valois: I do not tolerate wandering hands, unless I want them to wander. *stern look*

  2. Wondering, now that I’ve begun to write it, if this might be too much sharing…but what the hey!

    The most comfortable I ever get is sitting on the floor, with my body leaned against my SO’s leg and my head on his lap. It’s a thing from my childhood. I’d sit on the floor and sometimes rest my head on my mom’s lap. She would play with my hair, mostly she’d braid it. And I absolutely hate for most people to touch my hair now. It feels way too intimate for anyone else – other than the person I’m with – to do it.

    Anyway, point of the story is that I adore this scene and could totally visualize myself in Gunther’s place. Just being…

    • Thank you for this :) Personal stories like that are why I love writing. When I can touch a note that makes someone identify fully with a character or a scene it’s the best feeling <3

      Gunther was right when he spoke to Natalie about it. It is a form of meditation, where he can find inner peace (which is why Valois couched it in those terms: “take your place and find your peace”) by simply being still and quiet and present. I do meditate, but in a more conventional sense, and I find that when I go for a day or two without it I feel slightly off-kilter. That might actually be something I could explore in the story…

  3. I love these deleted scenes that detail their day to day lives with one another. The unspoken rules and rituals really interest me.
    Random question: Can Valois get sick? Like, I’m sure he would just easily cure it within a second, but can he catch anything?

    • I plan to do a few more of these on a more frequent basis. Usually they strike me when I think of a scene that I’d love to write but that doesn’t propel the story forward in some way (hence I call them the deleted scenes).

      The unspoken rules and rituals are something I love to consider. One is, obviously, that when they are at Valois’s house Gunther does not greet his Master until he is naked and kneeling*, and he receives no greeting himself until he’s in that state. Another is that Gunther is not permitted to either put on or take off his collar and cuffs himself. Only Valois can do that, as it’s a reminder every day for Gunther that he is owned and bound. When they are taken off, Valois is loaning him to the everyday world for a few hours. When they go back on, Valois is reclaiming possession of him.

      *I know this didn’t happen at the start of Chapter 38 but if I’d done that I would then have had to launch into an explanation of why, plus the entire mood of the scene would have been different with Gunther already slipping into a headspace where it would be difficult for him to come up for air and realise what Valois had done to him.

      Relating to the collar and cuffs thing, you might wonder about things such as bathing or the times when Valois is asleep when Gunther needs to get up and get ready for work. For that, Valois has told Gunther to wake him to have the collar and cuffs removed. Once that’s done Gunther can go about his ablutions as normal and Valois can either get up or go back to sleep.

      Can Valois get sick? Yes, he can. He’s susceptible to viruses such as colds just as anyone else is. He doesn’t cure himself if he gets sick; his body does it for him. His immune system is incredibly strong, so if he catches a cold then he only has it for a day or so before it’s gone. While he could cure himself even on that day, he doesn’t. Having a cold is an unusual state for him; something different in his everyday existence. He views it as a curiosity rather than an inconvenience.

      Of course, now that he has Gunther – who, while now immortal still has a mortal’s weaker immune system – he’ll probably cure himself of anything he might catch, purely because he doesn’t want to put Gunther at risk of falling ill. Can you imagine the annoyance of having a constantly-sniffing or -coughing submissive at your feet? ;)

  4. Man, that boy at work sounds like he might be clumsy. LOL, what with all the stuff he broke and knocked over. At least when Gunther comes home, Valois is able to make him feel better. XD

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