Deleted Scene: A lesson in instincts

You know how these work by now. No images; just text.  This one is a window into Gunther’s training with Valois. This one is NSFW and can be taken as canon for the story.

“Come here, my boy. It is time for another lesson.”

Gunther looked up from where he’d been polishing Valois’s boots. Valois was fussy about his appearance and shiny boots were important to him, so it was one of Gunther’s jobs to keep them clean and looking pristine. He put down the brush and the boot he was holding and covered the short distance to Valois’s feet on his hands and knees.

That was one of his other jobs now. If he was required to walk from one room to the next he could do so upright. Short distances within a room were to be undertaken on his hands and knees. He’d found it difficult at first. Not physically; rather emotionally. It had felt degrading, until Valois explained that he loved to see Gunther slink across the floor in that way; that the elegant curve of his spine as he moved was something that he adored. The knowledge that he was pleasing his Master made it that much easier, and it now came as second nature to crawl rather than walk short distances.

Valois was sitting on the couch with his knees wide apart; a somewhat inelegant pose not in keeping with his usual demeanour. It could only mean one thing, and that was a cue for Gunther to kneel between his legs. So he did, settling down comfortably with his hands clasped loosely behind him as he looked up at his Master.

“Good boy,” Valois murmured, one hand moving to the front of his pants to unzip his fly. Resolutely, Gunther kept his eyes on his Master’s face, even though his peripheral vision could see Valois taking his cock out of his pants and letting it rest in his hand.

“You may look, boy. Tell me: what is your instinct?”

Lowering his gaze, Gunther unconsciously swiped his tongue over his lower lip. “To take your cock into my mouth, Maître,” he said hoarsely.

“And then?”

Confused, Gunther hesitated. “And then… and then to suck it?”

“I did not ask for a question, boy. I asked for your next instinct.”

Swiftly, Gunther ducked his head and pressed a penitent kiss to his Master’s knee. “My next instinct would be to suck it, Maître,” he whispered.

“Today’s lesson will be in overcoming your instincts.” Valois caressed Gunther’s hair; forgiveness for his boy’s error. “Instincts are welcome when you are given permission to honour them, but when you are given an order that overrides your instincts I expect you to obey without question. Do you understand, boy?”

“Oui, Maître.”

“Very well. A test for you. You will honour your first instinct, but not your second. Do so now.”

Obediently, Gunther edged closer, arching his neck to take his Master’s cock very gently into his mouth. Valois shifted down on the couch a little to make it easier for him until Gunther had him wholly in his mouth, the weight of him resting on his tongue.

“You will not close your mouth fully, nor will you swallow,” Valois ordered. “When you drool – because you will, boy – ensure that it goes down your own chin and not over my clothing. You will keep this position for one hour, starting from now.”

One hour?! Gunther almost wrecked his training there and then by swallowing. His jaw would be aching like hell after an hour in this position!

“Look up at me, boy.”

He lifted his gaze, his belly sinking with the knowledge that his Master had heard that thought. Valois was looking at him sternly.

“The lesson will last for two hours if I catch another thought such as that again. Do you understand? Close your eyes briefly if you do.”

Gunther let his lashes flutter shut for a few moments, then opened his eyes again, looking back up at his Master and trying to show penitence in his gaze.

“Very well.” Valois picked up a book from the couch seat beside him. “Do not look away from me at any time. I intend to read, but will check on you at random moments. I expect to find you watching me with respect and obedience.”

Later, Gunther would swear that it was the longest hour of his life. Not for the discomfort of his position – that he was willing to bear for the love of his Master – but for how little he knew of the duration of one hour. He gained a true appreciation for time in that hour, and by the end of it his throat and torso were wet with saliva, his jaw ached, and his eyes felt a little strained from being constantly directed at his Master’s beautiful face.

Finally, Valois put the book down and smiled at Gunther. “Good boy,” he murmured. “You have done well and pleased me greatly. You may lower your gaze and sit back now.”

His muscles protesting somewhat, Gunther eased back onto his haunches again. Unsure whether he was allowed to swallow yet, he left his jaw slack. God, it was aching quite a lot, but he told himself to relish that ache for the service that it was. And the praise… oh, that felt so good.

Valois’s hand sifted into his hair; a tender caress. “Oh, my good boy,” he said softly. “Yes, you may swallow now. With service there sometimes comes discomfort and a little pain. I am pleased that you recognise it as such. Now, dry me.”

Casting his gaze around his immediate area, Gunther couldn’t find a damn thing to use. He doubted very much that Master would approve of him using a cushion to dry him off!

Valois chuckled and gave a gentle tug on Gunther’s hair, now feathered almost to his shoulders. “This will do,” he murmured, and Gunther stifled a whine of pleasure.

Carefully, he bent forward again so that his hair fell in front of his face. Gathering it as best he could in one hand, he gently used it to dry off Master’s still-wet cock. It wasn’t exactly a towel, but it did most of the work. And oh, how Gunther loved doing it.

“Good boy. Now use your instinct to finish drying me . What would work best, hm?”

A pause, and then a bright smile up at his Master. “I know!” Gunther whispered, taking Valois’s cock in both hands and raising his face to rub the still-damp, silky skin over his cheeks until it was dry.

“You are perfection.” Valois smiled at him. “Tuck me away and return to my boots. Tonight you will have permission to honour all your instincts.”

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  1. “Oh. My. God.” *giggle* <– That was my reaction to the order Valois gave Gunther. What torture Gunther endures to please his master (and I don't mean just the physical discomfort). Valois was clearly pleased with Gunther, especially when he stuck to the letter of his orders and didn't even swallow until given permission. I hope he will be duly rewarded. It certainly sounds like it. ;)

    • Hehehe! Valois loves to torment and tease Gunther, even while he’s training him. He can do it the conventional way, or he can do it his own, slightly-twisted way. Guess which is his preferred method? ;) I think we can safely say that Gunther was very well-rewarded that night, and went to sleep a very happy little sub. *g*

  2. I love how amazingly awkward this training is. Almost as awkward as using the bathroom while staring at one another. I love it! And to hold on to him for as long as an hour. For Valois, being immortal and all, time probably falls by in the blink of an eye. For Gunther however, oh man. But this just shows how completely comfortable they are with one another. I don’t think I would ever be able to do that

    How do you come up with such awesomely awkward things for them? And I forgot to ask last time, what does the bookseller sound like?

    • Valois just loves to push Gunther’s limits, which is why he comes up with these ~unusual ways of training him. Plus he’s got an evil little streak that does rather enjoy seeing his boy suffer a bit, so if he can think of some way that might also be embarrassing for Gunther then he’s all for it ;)

      Bookseller!Valois is French through-and-through. Quite a heavy accent, but very very charming with it. The kind of accent that makes people go weak at the knees, and he knows it – heh!

  3. Well, alrighty then. I don’t think I could be a full-time sub. I just, there’s no way I wouldn’t have swallowed, just reading this had my throat convulsing. I’m not a fan of drool lol.

    Again, I’m totally with Gunther on the awkwardness of some of Valois’s requests but then you explain it and I’m like, “Oh, okay. That’s hella cute!”

    I haz issues.

    Thank you for this!

    • Well, I think Valois is a rather unusual Dominant in that sense *g* He’s pretty twisted and has some unusual kinks. The drooling thing, though, was mainly another override of Gunther’s instincts. Of course he’d want to swallow – who wouldn’t?! – but Valois had told him that he couldn’t. It’s not the first time Valois has done that to him, either, so I think he enjoys seeing Gunther letting go like that. Salivation is what happens when you really want something; it’s a manifestation of desire, so there’s that aspect of it as well.

      The crawling thing was probably harder for Gunther than the drooling, because it felt more debasing to him. He was doing it because Valois wanted it from him, but Valois also picked up on his discomfort with it and explained why he wanted it. When Gunther realised that the sight of him like that – the curve of his spine and the arch of his body (and, no doubt, the way it stuck his arse in the air!) – was pleasing to his Master, he understood it better and actually wanted to do it. Bless him; he’s so eager.

  4. Strangely, I found this more awkward than the scene where Valois wants to help Gunther while he uses the bathroom. LOL. I think it’s because the purpose was lost on me, whereas the bathroom one, the purpose is Valois wanted Gunther to feel so safe with him, even when he’s using the bathroom.
    I think I understand sort of the delayed gratification thing that goes along with the instincts of wanting to do more while it’s out, but I did feel a bit awkward for both of them, probably because it’s a very strange thing to do.
    Definitely interesting though, their relationship is always very interesting. Also, no offense to anything you wrote. :D

    • *grins* No offence taken! I knew some of these little deleted scenes would seem odd or bizarre to readers. Valois has a very quirky way of teaching Gunther the lessons he wants him to learn. Really, this was as much a lesson in patience as it was in one of controlling instincts, but even Gunther was rather stunned at what his master was asking of him XD

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