Chapter 41: Intrusion

Natalie peered into the crystal, but all she could see was a slightly green haze. “His boyfriend’s name is Valois,” she murmured. “I don’t know if that’ll be of any– OH!”

The crystal ball had suddenly dropped back into its stand and Esme was staring at it, her mouth open.

“Well!” she exclaimed. “That’s who he was with all right. I sent that name into the Veil and I was thrown out! Well, I… I… gracious! That’s never…”

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  1. So, Natalie’s mom is a powerful witch in her own right. Time to start teaching Natalie how to use her powers. This should be interesting! I wonder if Valois knew it was Natalie’s mom poking around in the Veil.

    Valois’s promise to Gunther not to tell him any more lies doesn’t mean he has to come clean on past lies, though, does it? Something tells me Valois won’t lie if Gunther asks him a direct question, but he also won’t divulge anything he knows will upset him if he doesn’t have to (like the baby, which could be a deal breaker). Will we find out about the significance of Valois’s ring? (Again, he didn’t lie, but he withheld information from Gunther. That didn’t seem to bother Gunther, though.)

    Just for the record, you know I want to swap places with Gunther in that last image, right? ;D

    • Yep, Natalie’s training begins here but she’s going to keep that very quiet and well away from her working life. As to Valois, no he didn’t know who it was; all he knew was that a presence was seeking him out (or, rather, seeking Gunther out – he kept that knowledge to himself). His instinct was to act first (by expelling it) and then he’ll investigate later.

      Hrm, well that promise depends on whose side you’re on *g* To Valois’s reasoning it means no MORE lies. So your assumption is correct: he won’t tell any lies after this point (unless he absolutely has no choice and they won’t harm Gunther). As to past lies, welllll… ;)

      Gunther, however, was upset by Valois’s lie of omission, in not telling him that he was immortal. By that same reasoning the fate of his unknown daughter is also a lie of omission. So yeah: if/when that comes out (oh, like it won’t at some point!) the fit is really going to hit the shan – hehe!

      You’ve already had a hint as to the significance of Valois’s ring. Go back to Chapter 8, where his past love – the Prince – manifests. There are some clues in that chapter, both text and visual.

      And on your last point… I took that as a given ;)

      • Thanks for directing me back to Chapter 8. I read it again. Valois could’ve told Gunther about the significance of his ring, but he knew Gunther wouldn’t like the answer. It’s a lot easier not to lie if you just sidestep the tough questions. He’s a sneaky one, that Valois!

  2. I feel like Valois and Natalie will be close at some point or another. Like, maybe they start dueling and other witch training. I mean, he taught Gunther. Is he even still teaching Gunther? We haven’t seen any training sessions lately.
    I also feel like Valois is going to continue to lie or omit things from Gunther. However, I also think he might be telling the truth just slightly and won’t omit things again. I can’t really tell. I have no idea.

    • Valois and Natalie do get along well. Nat’s a bit scatty sometimes (bless her) but she’s fiercely-loyal, especially to Gunther. A friend of Gunther’s is a friend of hers, and anyone who messes with Mr Goth had better watch out. Take heed, Monsieur Fulcanelli! ;)

      Most of Natalie’s training will come from her mother. She won’t be revealing anything outwardly, although Valois will guess that her powers are increasing, so he might ask a few questions if he ever finds himself alone with her. As to Gunther’s magical training, no there haven’t been any more lessons. Does he even have any magical ability? Or was Valois tricking him into thinking that he had, as a distraction? Hmmm. We’ll have to wait and see on that one (she teased – hehe!)

      Valois doesn’t see the omission of truth as a lie, whereas Gunther does. For Valois, simply not telling Gunther something isn’t the same as telling a direct untruth, so unconsciously he’s going to be giving himself a lot of wriggle room. However, he was somewhat rattled by Gunther’s vehemence (not so completely-submissive as he’d thought!) in insisting that omission is still a lie, so he’ll be watching what he does and doesn’t say for a while. He’s realised that he has a long way to go before Gunther is completely subsumed in him, and he’s increasingly-concerned that he might never be completely subsumed.

  3. Aw, I’m glad that Gunther and Valois were able to patch things up. I think that Valois making the pledge on his ring that we have been made aware of from the beginning is a good indicator of his desire to avoid hurting Gunther again in the future. Although, we still have the matter of Gunther’s unknown of daughter. Hm that could be very, very bad if it comes to light.
    Natalie seems like a great friend to Gunther. It’s nice that he has her watching out for him, making sure that he doesn’t get hurt and whatnot. I can just imagine how formidable she will be once she comes into her witchy powers. And with the help of her mother, I’m sure they will be vast indeed.

    • The thing about Gunther’s daughter will be very bad when it comes to light (because, of course, it will at some point!) and it’s going to play a pivotal role in the later chapters. Valois’s ring, too, is going to be very important, but that’s all I’m going to say about that ;)

      I adore Natalie. She offers some light relief in the story (as does Mortimer) because she’s so protective and yet so funny in her own right. I’d love to write some chapters featuring her learning her witchy powers, but they wouldn’t really propel the story forward, so I might do one or two and post them as deleted scenes.

  4. MMmmmm… Gunther butt. LOL. Such a pretty sight. *fans self*
    I’m glad the insight into the Veil and Natalie’s mom telling her Gunther was safe, made Natalie feel a little better, but I’m curious what else was itching her brain, LOL.

    • Everyone loves a bit of Gunther butt! Valois says he’s happy to show it off, but nobody except him gets to touch it :p

      As to Natalie, it’s just her witch sense that’s causing the itching. She’s coming into her powers, so Esme is going to statrt training her :)

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