Chapter 43: After

“I tried to be there for Mort.” Gunther sighed. “I know I wasn’t there as often as I should have been. I coped with my marriage problems by spending far too much time at work.”

“But, in the end, darling boy, who does Mortimer run to when troubled, hm?”

Now a tear did trickle down Gunther’s cheek. “He wants his daddy,” he whispered. “I… I suppose at least now he’ll have his daddy for his whole life, won’t he? I don’t know what to do about that.” He looked up at Valois. “We should tell him, I think.”

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  1. The moment he said warlock I could not stop thinking about the movie Warlock from 1989 (I talked to you about it once on tumblr through fanmail) and I started thinking what if the Warlock existed in this universe. That guy was super evil. Like, he could easily be a villain that wants to destroy all witches and make him the only and most powerful one in this universe. He could be some kind of formidable foe against Valois. I’m guessing there are some warlocks roaming around somewhere? Are there any male witches who have broken the codes of his community and been exiled? But where would they be exiled from? Are there are female warlocks?

    • There is precisely one male witch in this story who broke the codes of his community and was regarded as a warlock…

      Athanase Fulcanelli, Valois’s father. So yeah, it’s a bit of a sore point for him.

  2. I’m having fun picturing the usually intense and serious Valois giggling like a nut. He must’ve been quite a sight!

    Love the comparison between turning someone into a toad and messing with their bodily functions. Gunther really seemed to enjoy Valois’s cop story! Gross, but funny.

    So, even Esther will outlive Mort, huh? Valois did a good job of helping Gunther see the silver lining in Mort being the first to die. That could’ve reopened wounds that are just starting to heal. He always seems to know just what to say.

    • I could just picture it, and Gunther was as enchanted by the sight of it as you are by the thought of it! XD And I think the cop story proves that Valois has one helluva sense of humour when he wants to – hehe!

      Valois is treading very carefully with Gunther’s emotions right now. There’s going to be a lot of tender, loving behaviour for a while, because Gunther’s been flayed raw by the revelation of his immortality, and it’s going to keep hitting him in the gut at odd moments. He’ll see his teenaged ‘little boy’ just painting and then he’ll imagine him as an old man with himself still looking young beside him; there may even be nightmares yet. I’m not sure. I’d like to start bringing the story into happier times for a while, anyway.

  3. Amazing. Really enjoying this tale .From the moment I got passed all the warnings and plunged in I could not stop reading . In fact I ended up reading it twice in two days . It is hard waiting each week for an update as im not the most patient person but it is certainly worth the wait. I do not normally write much as I suffer dyslexia so please excuse any errors . If you ever publish any novels let me know i will be sure to buy them to read .

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Heck, it’s a lot to get through already, so the fact that you read it twice is a great compliment!

      My updates are weekly purely because of the time it takes to not only write each chapter (that’s the easy part!) but also to get all the screenshots set up and edited, as well as coding each chapter by hand. I knew that if I’d set myself a faster rate of updates I’d never have been able to keep up with it. Once-per-week is working out as a comfortable rate for me, and I’ve only had to put the story on hold twice (both of them for reasons out of my control: once when my web server had problems, and the other when my hard drive went kaboom!).

      Don’t worry about any errors; I’m not going to edit your comments, or anything! ;) My best friend also suffers from dyslexia, so I understand the difficulty it can cause. I’m just happy and grateful to receive such lovely feedback! :)

      I’m in the process of editing one original fiction novel and writing another (alongside this Sims story, and my day job) so rest assured that I’ll be yelling from the rooftops if I can get those into print!

  4. I appreciate all your time and effort you put into this endeavor . Anyway waiting a week is good for my soul as teaches me patience :) I do have one question though will we ever get an update to The Devil is a Gentleman or is that going to be one of your published fictions? Not that I want to seem gready , one story update a week is wonderful . I was just curious .

    • It will come back at some point. I’ll need to dig out the save file and saved Sims files for it, though, because it was on my old hard drive that crashed and burned. It’ll be somewhere on my backup drive, but at the moment what free time I do have needs to be spent on keeping ‘Madness’ as updated as I can. It will be back, though; just not any time in the very near future.

  5. What stuck out to me most in this chapter is how Valois told Gunther it was okay if he didn’t call him Master while they are engaging in a conversation where stories and feelings are being shared, just so Gunther could be fully engaged in the topic. I know in the back of my mind that Valois loves Gunther, it’s obvious with him wanting Gunther to be immortal and be with him forever, but sometimes on the surface level, maybe I’m just having a hard time seeing Gunther’s extreme submission as love. I know that for Gunther it is, and he is completely comfortable with it. I think that’s why this little gesture from Valois, of him being okay with not being called Master all the time, was a really good thing for him to say, for Gunther’s benefit as well as mine. XD

    • Valois is letting Gunther go deep and call him Master much more than he needs to at the moment. Eventually, once Gunther is trained to his satisfaction, he wants a relationship where Gunther isn’t constantly using the word Maître all the time. Instead, he wants them to segue into a seamless D/s relationship where they can speak normally (unless Gunther needs to fully submit) but Gunther is always ready to serve and go to his knees; more of an instinctual thing.

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