Chapter 44: Reality

“Well don’t you look happier than I’ve ever seen you before!”

Gunther gave Natalie a big grin. “I guess that’s your way of saying I’m usually a miserable old git who needs to smile more.”

“Nope.” She handed him the coffee that had clearly been sitting and waiting for him. “Just that you look like you proposed and he said yes. And if you have proposed and he said yes, just letting you know I need at least three weeks’ advance warning to source a suitable outfit for the wedding. Y’know, just sayin’…”

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  1. Today’s words are pervade, proverbial (You’ve used it before but I had to look it up again), and non compos mentis. I will be sure to add them to my everyday vocabulary some way or another. Anyways, I knew a wedding was coming but seeing it in this update makes me feel even more exciting. I’m sure Valois already knows he wants to ask him though. I absolutely adore the fact that Gunther has his picture on his desk. A really great touch.

    • Valois may have an inkling that Gunther wants to do something nice for him, but he did say to Gunther in bed that morning that he doesn’t monitor all his thoughts (he’d be too busy doing that to have any thoughts of his own, if he did!) Rather, he gets a vague sense of Gunther’s emotions, and when those become tense, upset, or stressed that’s when he slips into Gunther’s mind and starts monitoring him and helping him to calm down (if, of course, he wants Gunther to be calm, because sometimes it works to his advantage if his boy is anxious).

      I can’t wait to get to the wedding, to be honest *g* It’s going to be such a lovely feelgood moment in the story (god knows we need one after all the angst!) and I need to finish the wedding build and one other special build for it this week. As to the photo, I want to take some more so they can have a few hanging around the house as well :)

  2. I would venture to guess that Valois would be secretly thrilled if Gunther proposed to him. I’m not sure if a sub proposing to his dom is an acceptable thing or not. However, the IDEA of it, at the very least, would have to be appealing to Valois. It’s the biggest thing Gunther can do in the mortal world to proclaim his love for Valois and to show their commitment to one another. I love how Gunther is subconsciously browsing for wedding rings. ♥ The heart wants what the heart wants. ♥ Ask him already! :D

    Natalie’s such a sweetheart. I wonder what she was going to say about her mom before she got distracted? Something about learning to control her magic, perhaps?

    • Valois won’t worry about the sub proposing to his Dom thing, purely because they are only fully D/s when they’re at his home. At Gunther’s place they’re a normal couple, and there Gunther has the choice as to whether he gives in to his submissive nature or not. Valois told him he needed a safe place to be himself, and that house is it, not least because Mortimer is still around and they can’t have Gunther naked and crawling around where his son could walk in on them!

      Valois’s reaction when Gunther finally asks him may (or may not) surprise some readers. Gunther will do it (as readers of my Tumblr already know from the preview pics I gave of Mortimer’s grown-up family where Gunther’s wearing a wedding ring) but he’s going to be surprised by Valois’s reaction. It’s a good surprise, though, not a bad one :)

      Yes, Natalie was going to mention her witch training, but bless her scatty little heart she got completely distracted the moment she saw those wedding rings on Gunther’s computer! XD

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