Chapter 46: Sunlight

“You okay?” Natalie’s soft question broke through Gunther’s reverie, and he blinked at her.

“Fine,” he murmured. “Why?”

“It’s not like you to be so out of it. Did you get enough sleep last night? And I don’t mean that in an ‘I want to know all the sordid details’ kind of way.”

He chuckled. “I got a perfectly good night’s sleep, thank you.”

“You’re up to something.” She narrowed her eyes, tapping one finger thoughtfully against her lips.


She snorted. “Even your son would see through that innocent look!” She poked that finger into his bicep. “C’mon. Spill!”

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  1. Everything in this chapter is so happy and cheery, I’m just waiting for something unexpectedly bad to happen. Like, the higher ups that Gunther works with are plotting something, or Gunther is gonna find out something bad or depressing about his past or something. I don’t know, I start getting trust issues when everything is going well for the main character.

    • I’d cackle “Muahahaha!” and twirl my moustache if I had one XD

      Aww, poor boys. They deserve a bit of happiness right now. Just a teeny little bit, anyway. It’ll all go to hell in a handcart eventually, so let’s give them a nice false sense of security before we get to that point, eh? ;)

  2. First order of business — Gunther needs to install a lock on his bedroom door (or use the one that’s there). O.O Uh, Mort, buddy, you need to wait until someone says it’s OK to come in before entering their bedroom. You could’ve gotten an eyeful! I know Valois could’ve used his magic, but Mort’s a teenager and should know better.

    Gunther has a pretty unique relationship with Natalie. I can’t imagine that conversation happening anywhere I’ve worked in corporate America. LOL. I adore ‘the look’ she gave Gunther. I’ve used it myself on many occasions, at home and at work. :P

    Valois really went all out, bringing in a special lunch for Gunther and Natalie. If Valois makes a habit out of it, Gunther will never get any work done, though! I know I’d be way too distracted. LOL

    • Ha! Yeah, I think Gunther will be getting that lock installed pronto, or at least having a brief word with Mort. It’s understandable in this one instance, though: Mort was so excited to know the answer that he thought it was worth the risk! XD

      Natalie and Gunther are more like best friends these days; they’re so relaxed in each other’s company. There is also the fact, don’t forget, that they’re attracted to each other anyway. If Valois hadn’t come along, those two would very likely be having an affair by now. While Natalie really likes Valois, I think she’ll always regret a little bit that he came along, especially now she knows her attraction to her boss was reciprocated. (I’m going to make sure she has a happy ending, anyway. The lass deserves it!)

      Natalie: There’s no way he’s getting out of being the lunch boy now. This salad is SCRUMMY!

  3. D’awww These two are so darn cute! How adorable that Valois brought Gunther lunch at work. And such an elegant one, at that. Mortimer is the best. He’s reaction was perfect! haha Natalie makes me laugh so much. I love her relationship with Gunther. I can definitely see that it’s not just a work friendship, but goes much deeper. They have great chemistry. I really enjoy work scenes when she is about. Wonderful chapter!

    • I absolutely adore Natalie. She’s such a lot of fun, and adds a bit of levity to the story. I was going to write a side-story where Valois never showed up and Gunther and Natalie end up having an affair, but I’m not sure that I want to change her character for that while I’m still writing her as such a lot of fun in this story. I might keep that aside to write once Madness is finished.

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