Chapter 47: SulSul!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year in the life of Gunther Goth, town founder and CEO of DP Corporate. A fire that partially destroyed his home, a divorce from his wife, and his subsequent coming out as bisexual have all led to him rarely being out of the public eye. Such a year as that might have cowed a lesser man, but when we paid a visit to Gunther and his new partner Valois Fulcanelli, we found two incredibly happy men in a rock-solid relationship built on a foundation of love, laughter, and mutual respect.

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  1. Awesome idea for a chapter! Really different and creative, I loved it! It’s easy to tell you put a lot of effort into your story, so many people just point and take a picture, overuse pose player or *shudders* forget to put the walls up in photos… That’s the worst for me! But honestly you’re a fantastic writer as well as photographer and I can’t wait for more :)

    • Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun putting together the magazine cover for this one.

      The one that bugs me is when people have ceilings open to the air. I know that sometimes (around staircases, for example) there’s a weird bug where ceilings don’t work, but being able to see the sky above someone’s head when they’re in the kitchen kind of pulls you out of the story’s immersion a teeny bit XD

  2. Daw, this interview was so sweet. And Valois blushing XD

    This is an interesting way to tell us what all the public is aware of in the story which is important. I’m glad Gunther seems to be opening up so much and seems less anxious about the public opinion than he used to.

    Won’t some of this cause problems later though? Having so much public knowledge and photographs of them, considering they are immortal? I suppose Valois could use his magic so people decide those old pictures don’t really look like them but still.

    • Thank you! Heh, Gunther still can’t believe the interviewer actually managed to get a blush out of Valois! XD

      He mainly agreed to this interview because it afforded him the control over what information entered the public domain about the relationship. Initially, he was concerned that paparazzi would hound them once the news slipped out that he was in a relationship with a man (which it would, eventually) and they’d try to get pictures of him kissing Valois. He’s pre-empted that and nipped it in the bud by having professional photos in a magazine. Also, note their behaviour in the interview: it’s more than a little staged*; very light-hearted and not like their usual behaviour together in private. The idea was to present to the world a happy, normal relationship (which, by-and-large, it is, notwithstanding the whole D/s aspect and Valois’s lies–which Gunther doesn’t know about).

      As to problems later on? I don’t think that’s much of a concern to them at the moment. Gunther plans to dye his hair grey at some point, and Valois could probably maintain the image of age if he’s in public, but they will probably move somewhere else before that becomes too much of an issue.

      *Edited to add: This (“staged”) was the wrong word to use, as it implies their behaviour was false. What I should have said was that their behaviour was exaggerated a bit over how they normally are. They’re not normally that silly with each other (with the teasing, etc; Gunther’s too respectful of his Master to behave that way) but they are completely loved-up.

        • Well, let’s say they over-exaggerated things a tiny bit. ‘Staged’ was probably the wrong word to use in my previous comment – heh. It was genuine, but they did agree in advance that they were going to be completely loved-up and romantic, and to hell with what the world thought. It was actually complete abandonment of any reserve, but still under their control, so your original comment wasn’t far off. They are incredibly euphoric and happy, but they played it up just a little for the interview (Valois sitting on Gunther’s lap for one of the photos, for instance). Normally, Gunther is quite reserved in public, so being that open and loving in front of strangers is very unusual for him. Also, he’s too respectful of his Master to tease him like he did in the interview. It’s just little changes like that; things they agreed to change (eg: the teasing) so their relationship appeared perfectly normal.

          I hope that made sense. It most definitely wasn’t faked at all, just played up :)

          • Even the staged or overegagerated behavior marks progress for Gunther and is absolutely adorable. Plus most people wouldn’t understand the D/s nature of their relationship, so playing it up to seem “normal” makes sense. The rest is absolutely no one else’s business anyway.

          • Yeah. Gunther is absolutely terrified that the D/s stuff might get out. He’s still vaguely uncomfortable with the fact that people will wonder who’s the top in the relationship that the public do know about. They agreed before the interview, too, that they would keep things as neutral as possible. I rather think Valois surprised Gunther by sitting in his lap. To me, it felt as though he was willing to let the public think he was the bottom, which shows how much he understands Gunther’s worries, and how much he loves him, to let that be what people think of him.

  3. This entire thing was so adorable. They were both so relaxed and comfortable, its like they were in the epitome of euphoria. We know they were already super close but now they have reached that really mushy moment in a relationship where each person is completely at ease with one another, even when there are others around. The interview is a really nice change of pace to. I like it. So fun and happy.

    • They really are at that place :) Don’t let my mention of ‘staging’ pull you away from that fact (it was the wrong word to use, and I’m going to append something to that comment to say as much). They’re so in love, it almost hurts. <3

  4. Love the idea of a magazine article, and you did a great job with the cover. Valois & Gunther were so sweet together, presenting the perfect image of a couple in love. It was fun to see them change it up a bit, like with Valois sitting on Gunther’s lap. Getting Valois to blush was a major accomplishment! Did they capture it on film?

    So, a honeymoon in Egypt, huh? Looking forward to it.

    • Thank you! Ha, I’ll have to see if I can get a shot of Valois with slightly pink cheeks. If Gunther wasn’t such a well-behaved sub he’d never let his Master live that down! XD

      Now I know I can use a mod to get the Egypt honeymoon sorted out, it’ll be SO much easier than when I put poor Valois through adventure after adventure just so he could buy property in France!

  5. Ahhh I loved this! So fun to see the finished product of the interview that had been previously mentioned. I loved Gunther and Valois in this article! Exaggerating/ playing up their ‘normal’ relationship for the public was brilliant! The masses will eat it! We all have. ;)

    • Aww, thank you! This one was a lot of fun to write, once I finally got into the swing of it. (It’s odd how, when you deviate from your usual writing style, it can be hard to get going.)

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