Chapter 48: Witchy

Valois gestured to Esther’s mug. “Are you enjoying your tea? You have barely taken a sip of it.”

“Oh!” Esther raised her mug to her lips. No sooner had she tilted it to drink than her eyes widened and she took it away from her mouth again.

“What the…?” She held the mug upside down. Nothing came out. She tapped gingerly at the tea with her fingernail, and it made a *tink* sound.

“It’s solid!”

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  1. Happy family stuff :)
    I laughed at Gunther trying not to nuzzle Valois. I almost expected Valois to shoot Gunther a bemused look at that very loud pregnancy scare thought. I’m glad everyone seems to be getting along so well, and accepting of all the magic around. Means things should go smoothly in the future. Esther and Mortimer and adorable together, Mortimer needs to ask her out already.
    *snuggles everybody*

    • Gunther is so damn used to nuzzling Valois’s hand now; it’s hard to pull himself back from it sometimes! And, like you, I can picture Valois biting down a little snort or something when Gunther internally freaked out at the thought of potential impending grandchildren! XD

      As to Mortimer… poor lad, he’s at that age where EVERYTHING is awkward. He’s trying to pluck up courage, honestly! He’s just scared that Esther might say no and their friendship will suffer as a result, Bless him <3

  2. How wonderful for Esther to learn she’s a witch and to have the news be so readily accepted by Mort, Valois and Gunther. It’s obvious they all care about her, and she couldn’t ask for a better trainer than Valois. Now Mort has yet another reason to appreciate Valois.

    • Mort’s waaaaaay impressed about all this magic stuff at the moment! He thought Valois was just doing tricks before now, but now that he knows it’s for real I suspect he might pay a lot more attention. He’s going to be eyeballing his classmates quite closely, too. Just in case he can spot the hidden sparkle of a wing here and there. XD

  3. You’d think Gunther would bring up that time Valois was teaching him to do magic (or as you suggested Reya, made him perhaps think he was doing magic in order to distract him). Or at least make a quick mention or try to summon another apple. That would probably bring up a bad discussion about trust between them though. Anyways, this was nice. A friendly little bonding with everyone.

    • It’s definitely there at the back of his mind, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he quietly mentions it at some point. But he knows that Valois will be busy teaching Esther, and he also knows that he himself has all of eternity in which to learn, so he’ll probably set the thought aside for “something to do when I’m two hundred and fifty”. There’s also the fact that his own ‘magic tuition’ started before he submitted fully to Valois, so he might consider it presumptuous to ask about it now.

  4. Aw I love Mortimer and Esther almost as much as I love Gunther and Valois!! I can’t wait to see Esther begin her training and I bet she’ll be incredible in no time considering what a great teacher she’s got. It’s sweet how supportive Mortimer is of her new gift <3

    • I know! Mort is such a sweetheart, and I already adore Esther (she came in from another save that I’d been playing, because she turned out some awesomely–just like Cal and Ten did). I did cheat a little bit a few weeks ago, and aged both Mort and Esther up so I could get a save ready for the future. I put a few photos on Tumblr of Gunther visiting them… and his first little grandchild. Talk about emotional :’)

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