Chapter 49: Need

“My life was not a fairytale, mon cœur.” Valois’s fingers sifted through Gunther’s hair. “You look tired,” he said softly.

“I am.” Gunther sighed. “It’s funny, really. I’m never going to get old, but it’s like I am getting old. I feel like I need a break from work.”

“From work, or from your cares and responsibilities?”

Gunther thought for a moment. “From the responsibilities,” he eventually admitted. “Can we… I mean, Mort’s off to that art camp this weekend. Can we maybe spend the weekend…?”

Mon cœur, why do you hedge your words? Simply ask for what you need.”

Gunther swallowed. “Can I spend the weekend at your feet, please, Maître? I think I need that.”

“I think you do, too. And yes, you may do that.”

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    • I’ve already made a start (and some of them appeared in this chapter, too. I loved that shot of Gunther crawling through the living room) on the next chapter. Poor Gunther isn’t happy about where he’ll spend his first night sleeping…

  1. Nice to hear about Valois’s early family life. It must’ve been unimaginably rough being a single mother back then. One of the drawbacks of being immortal, of course, is missing your loved ones forever.

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have Valois use his magic touch on my back like he did on Gunther’s knees!

    Poor Gunther’s going to be in for it in the next chapter. Valois’s plans to help Gunther distinguish between needs and privileges will seem like punishment to him, no doubt. Looking forward to it! Sorry, Gunther. Can’t help myself. :P

    • It’s won’t come out until later in the story, but there was another man in the house when Valois was a child. NOT through his mother’s wishes, though. She didn’t want him there at all, and nor did Valois, but he was there nonetheless. I can’t really say much more without giving away future plot, but let’s just say he did nothing to contribute around the house. He was there for one purpose only.

      And missing your loved ones forever? Yes, that’s one reason why Valois has been searching for so long for someone to be his companion throughout eternity, why he told such desperate lies and did such desperate things to keep the companion he’d found, and why–when it all falls apart–he’s going to be so devastated. :(

      Re: the magic touch – Tell me about it! Valois, I need those hands on my knees, my ankles, my back…

      Poor Gunther is going to be feeling very sorry for himself in the next chapter, but he’ll eventually understand why Valois “punished” him, and that it wasn’t really punishment.

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