Chapter 52: Magic

Let me see now… the physical properties of magic itself, explained in a manner the layman could understand…

Everyone is born with a certain amount of what I shall call “earth energy” within them. Earth energy is a latent magical energy, and every man, woman, and child comes into the world with a finite quantity of it. Most never harness it, or at best they experience it as blissful moments in life, such as watching a beautiful sunset with a loved one, or holding their child in their arms in the moments after its birth. Those precious seconds of sheer joy? That is your earth energy, touching your unknowing soul and infusing it for just those moments with the wonder of ages; the breath-stopping and unadulterated joy of living. There is a reason why, for most mortals, those moments are brief. They are so blinding that only the oldest of souls can bear them for long.

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  1. This entire chapter was basically an opportunity for us to look at and enjoy how beautiful Valois is. He’s like eye candy. Anyways, there was one part where he said a witch could change the cake into a cockroach without a second thought. Would that mean a careless witch could do that accidentally without even meaning to? Like, could Esther just think about doing something bad and then have it happen without actually wanting that bad thing to happen? Intrusive thoughts can be quite powerful.

    • Hehe! Well, I had all these gorgeous screenshots that I’d taken, so…. ;)

      And yes, that’s exactly what could happen. An untrained witch starts out with little accidental things happening (such as glasses refilling and sketchbook pages mysteriously mending) but after a while things can start to get unintentionally nasty; especially if a witch first comes into their power in their teens, when hormones are raging and things like, “Argh! I hate you! I wish you’d just…” etc spill from their mouths. That’s why Valois said that elder witches always kept an eye on the younger members of their families, waiting to spot the early signs of manifesting witchery.

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