Chapter 53: Heaven

Gunther blinked into awareness the next morning, although he had no idea whether it actually was morning or not. The candles in his tiny cell had burned down and extinguished and the only light came from the dim wall lamp at the far end of the long room outside; just enough for him to be able to make out the bars that kept him from his master. He shivered, not through cold, but from being alone… and it was so, so quiet.

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    • Quite possibly it was a deliberate display, in the hopes that someone would be persuaded to say yes ;)

      (Although, actually, it was more of a ‘displaying the belly to the alpha male’ kind of move – heh.)

  1. I’m happy Gunther is happy, but for some reason my mind won’t truly believe it. The spanking, shores, sleeping on the floor etc; my brain keeps telling me that Valois is using Gunther, even if I know that’s not the case (right??). Maybe it’s because I myself could never be in a relationship like that. I’m too strong willed… Anyway, amazing writing as always that more often than not makes me doubt MY OWN sanity, not just Gunther’s. Keep up the good work! :-)

    // Elin

    • Thank you!

      It’s definitely not the case, so you can rest easy :) Valois isn’t using Gunther; rather, he’s giving him these things as part of his training. Gunther is in a deeply submissive mindset where he needs to feel useful and of service, hence the chores. The spanking is because Valois enjoys it, and he knows that–despite the pain–Gunther gets turned on by it. And the sleeping on the floor thing is a step up from sleeping alone in a cell, because Valois is bringing Gunther closer to him each day. He starts off distant from his master, then he’s allowed a bit closer (the rug), and a bit closer (the bottom of the bed; that’ll be on the third night), until on the final day he’s clinging and unutterably grateful to be allowed to sleep in Master’s bed with him.

  2. I think something is still not right here. Valois dominates him entirely in all parts of his life. I understand some people might like this but I’m not sure Gunther is entirely happy with this. Sleeping on the floor I think is one step too far.

    • Sleeping on the floor is the next step up from sleeping alone in the cell. On the following night, Gunther will be allowed even closer (at Valois’s feet, on the bed), and the final night he’ll be permitted to sleep with Valois, in the bed. Valois is doing this while Gunther is in such a deeply submissive mindset so that Gunther ends up clinging to him, grateful for the privilege of sleeping with his master. In short: he’s binding Gunther closer and closer to him, so that he’s dependent on him. And yes, Gunther is a little unhappy with some of the things he’s having to do, but he views the conquering of his aversion as a challenge, and something he needs to do in order to be a good boy.

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