Chapter 58: Crystal

Elsanine helped him to arrange Natalie on the bed, then he looked up, still crouched beside her. “We must work together on this, Valois. Two crafts as one. I cannot mend this alone. It is too far gone.”

Valois nodded. “Which level do you need me to work at?”


“The highest? Merde! Is it that serious?”

“Crystal, Valois.” Elsanine turned to cradle Natalie’s face in his hands. “Now.”

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  1. Well now that I know Elsanine is older than Valois I want to know all about him. He appears to be far more powerful as well. Also, how do you pronounce “Elsanine”

    • His name is pronounced el-sa-neen, and he’s one of the oldest fae in the Veil. I don’t know exactly how old he is, but it’s several thousand years. He’s very much the Elrond type for this story, with regard to his age, although he’s not the king of his people; he’s just a healer. He can boss Valois around a bit because: a) they’ve known each other for centuries [and Elsanine has healed Valois several times, after his mortal deaths], and: b) although he’s not senior to Valois in the Veil [Valois is actually higher in rank than Elsanine] he is senior purely going by age, and Valois respects that. He’s the only person who has ever really seen Valois at his most vulnerable – weak and helpess – kind of like he is now, and he’s probably the only Veil resident that Valois would truly call ‘friend’.

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